Enjoy Cuisine Of 7 Countries In Saigon

Sushi Kei from Japan, King BBQ from Korea, Khao Lao from Laos, or Capricciosa from Italy ... can be easily found at the Downtown Food, Sense Market basement, 23/9 park that will bring you interesting experiences and chance to enjoy cuisine of various country.

Downtown Food is a miniature of seven selected cuisines around the world. With the service criteria of fast - professional - convenient and reasonable price, this place is considered as the hangout and favourite site for all people, from youngers, families to foreign visitors.

Truly Viet - the first Northern Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon: Truly Viet was built in Downtown Food as a bridge bringing cuisine in the northern Vietnam closer to Sai Gon people. They may be either North or South Vietnamese, have a common interest in exploring and experiencing original flavors of northern cuisine such as bun cha (noodle soup), pho (noodle soup), nem (spring roll) and so on. 

Truly Viet - the first Northern Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon

King BBQ - "The King of Korean Barbecue": Miniature version of the famous King BBQ restaurant will serve a variety of dishes with rice and Korean traditional soup. Especially, the Hotto which is served on hot pan will be an unmissable choice for a standard Korean lunch.(ảnh)

Sushi Kei - Japanese flavour for the Vietnamese: Distilling the quintessence of Japanese cuisine, Sushi Kei uses fresh and original ingredients to make special dishes like rice, sushi, sashimi, salad ... which are decorated by different colors in the unique bento box. As the name it owned, the restaurant want to bring all memoriable experiences and the flavour of "The land of rising sun" to every guest in Vietnam in particular and all visitors in general, that's fit for the meaning of "Kei" in Japanese (ie, joy, happiness)

Sushi Kei - Japanese flavour for the Vietnamese

Hotpot Story - the quintessence: Catch up with customer's demand who don't like to wait for hotpot, Hotpot Story in Downtown Food has introduced set of hot pot for 1-2 people. You can enjoy one in three type hot pot broth which are Sour Pickled Tomyum, Spicy Sichuan and Bulgogi with Fresh Cucumber. Besides, fresh seafood, USA beef slice and vegetables are served quickly with affordable prices.

Khao Lao - The House of Laos cuisine: Bring a daily meal of Laos culture nearly to the people of Vietnam, Khao Lao introduces a menu of various dishes that are features of "The Kingdom of a million elephants" such as Tam Mac Hung, No May soup, Khao Lao snakehead fish ... With traditional Lao flavour, Khao Lao will bring guests exciting Laos culture through cuisine. 

Khao Lao - The House of Laos cuisine

Nihao - "hello" from China: The image of modern China is reflected through tasty dishes in Nihao like noodles, dimsum, rice dishes, porridge ... All of them have been processed to be appetizing for majority of visitors here. The secret to making Nihao's dishes be tasty and healthy are fresh ingredients, skillful and experience chefs to make the brand name of Nihao. 

Capricciosa - Italian restaurant chain since 1978: Capricciosa in Italian means "Emotion sublimation". This is also the name of the Italian restaurant chain that was extablished in 1978, it serve dishes that featured for Italy culinary. The restaurant was preserved by a devoted Japanese boss.

Capricciosa, a restaurant serving special pizza with original Italian flavour 

There are two must-be- enjoyed dishes in Capricciosa. The first is fresh pizzas - the special baked cake, it is pronounced similar to "The leaning tower of Pisa" which is considered as the great architecture of Italy, and one of the famous wonders of the world. The other dish is pasta which is cooked by the "Al Dente" style - which is a way to proccess pasta. The perfect pasta has to be soft and tough on the outside, while maintaining the crunchiness, hardness of the noodles inside.

If you have opportunity to visit Saigon, don't forget to stop over in Downtown Food to try featured cuisine over the world without visiting these countries.

Author: Freeland Journey