The Must-try Dishes Of Ha Long You Can't Ignore

Located in the West of the Tonkin Gulf in the Northeast sea area of Viet Nam, Ha Long Bay has been recognized as the World Natural Heritage many times by UNESCO. Referring to Ha Long, everyone immediately thinks of an extremely popular tourist destination with thousands of magnificent islands and picturesque beaches. But in fact, Ha Long tourism is not only famous for beautiful scenery but also for many special cuisines with the salty taste of the ocean. So what are the dishes that made Ha Long cuisine so fascinated that you absolutely can't ignore every time visiting? Let's find out, and once you're aware of the tastiness of the Ha Long food, you definitely won't be able to hold back your appetite. 

1. Ha Long fermented pork roll

Ha Long fermented pork roll is not an expensive dish, because all the ingredients to make the dish is affordable. Travelers love the dish not just because of the delicious taste but also for the reasonable price, so if you just have a little money left inside your pocket, you still can buy yourself a dish of fermented pork roll. The dish is very suitable for a cheap vacation or to bring home as a gift for your loved ones.
Fermented pork roll must-try dishes of Ha Long
With reasonable price, fermented pork roll is one of the most favorited dishes in Ha Long
Local people chop pigskin, make "thinh" from bean or fried rice and roasted peanuts, then mixe them all together. Simple as that, but with the palatable flavor, this dish has successfully attracted visitors from the very first bite.

2. Tien Yen ca say

You're a fan of chicken or duck, or any poultry dishes? Then congratulations, we've found the perfect food for you! Ca say is a hybrid of duck and goose, therefore it has both flavors of two poultries. Through the hands of Tien Yen people, ca say processed into much more delicious dishes.
Tien Yen ca say must-try dishes of Ha Long
Ca say is a perfect dish for poultry lovers
You can enjoy ca say with such appetizing sauces. Every type of sauce has the tasty flavor of fish sauce of Cai Rong, Van Yen, Cat Hai, also has sweet and rich flavor of Tien Yen root beer with the spicy flavor of Tien Yen ginger. If you visit Ha Long with a group of friend, we highly recommend you to order a ca say dish with some beer and enjoy by the night ocean, it surely will be a memorable experience. 

3. Ha Long peanut worm

Don't be hurry to say "ew", the peanut worm is such a delicious dish that you must really taste before leaving Ha Long. You won't be able to eat the dish anywhere else in the world, because the peanut worm is a kind of seafood that only exists in Ha Long.
Peanut worm must-try dishes of Ha Long
A dish of amazing peanut worms
Fresh peanut worm is fried with garlic, making an appetizing dish. Fried worms are very crunchy, perfect to enjoy with beer and alcohol, so if you're going to hold a party in Ha Long, peanut worm is a can't-be-ignored dish. Especially, local people use it to flavor Pho stock, it surely will attract you from the very first try. However, peanut worm is very rare, so its price is high, at least 4 million VND per kilogram.

4. Oysters

Here comes the famous seafood that 10 out of 10 people love! Oyster is popular, nutritious seafood in the sea of Ha Long. Having a natural and attractive taste, Ha Long oysters are processed quite simple but always make customers praising continuously. 
Oyster must-try dishes of Ha Long
Steamed oysters with chillis are very delicious
Among the seafood of Ha Long, the oyster is definitely the most delicious and worth-to-try. The fresh flavor of the ocean, many tourists have come back to Ha Long many times just to taste the fresh again. So if you ever have a chance to visit Ha Long, do try to taste oyster at least once, you won't be regret.

5. Razor clam

Sounds weird, right? “Razor clam” is a type of snail found only in the sea, the name of this species is also derived from its shape. People catch razor clam rely on the rise and fall of the tide. This mollusk usually lives in muddy sand in the estuaries, mostly eat plankton. So if you want to observe the razor clam-catching-process, wake up very early and go to the ocean, enjoy the sunrise and watch local people do their job. 
Razor clam must-try dishes of Ha Long
Razor clam cooked with oil and garlic sauce
When the tide is up, razor clams emerges from the cavity and quickly slams down deep into the sand whenever there is something dangerous by its strong foot. Razor clam fried with perilla is very delicious. The dish also good for your health, as perilla can heal flu and headache. If you don't like perilla, razor clam steamed with beer is also a simple dish but enjoyed by many people.

6. Ha Long nodding cake

What a funny name for a dish, but once you see "nodding cake" in real life, you'll understand why it is called like that. It’s made from flour ground from rice, soaked from before, kind of similar to stuffed pancakes. The secret is that when the rice is cooked, the chef will add some cool rice to make cake tastes better.
Nodding cake must-try dishes of Ha Long
A dish of sweet and delicious nodding cake
When you eat, dip a piece of cake into a special sauce with a piece of shredded meat (caramelized pork) which is carefully marinated. You can find this delicious and unique gourmet cake throughout the region of Quang Ninh. 

7. Ha Long fried squid

Fried squid can be found in any corner of the world, but you must taste the squid from Ha Long sea to actually feel the flavor of the dish. The squid used for frying must be directly fished from the sea of Ha Long Bay, which is very fragrant and engaging. The fresher the squid, the tastier the dish will be.
Fried squid must-try dishes of Ha Long
Delicious golden fried squid captures everyone's heart
Once fried, the best-fried squid will be served with white steamed glutinous rice. The grain is dry but soft, with a fresh rice flavor mixed with squid taste, rich and sweet. Sounds very appetizing, isn't it? Then go ahead, try one, it definitely will be an unforgettable experience.

8. Ha Long clam

Similar to the squid, the clam can be eaten in many places, but still, you really should give Ha Long clam a go! Clams can be processed into many dishes such as roasted, steamed, fried with noodles or kale. Ha Long seafood is usually fresh, so you will be able to feel the flavor much tastier.
Clam must-try dishes of Ha Long
Corrugated steamed clams of Ha Long
If you are a male traveler, we recommend you to try the clam wine. Clam wine has the signature smell of the ocean, which makes it very irresistible. Of course, female travelers also can taste it if you can handle the alcohol.

9. Horseshoe crab

Another extremely attractive cuisine of Ha Long Bay is horseshoe crab - a species of crustaceans. From the horseshoe crab, you can prepare a variety of delicious and different dishes such as horseshoe crab soup, horseshoe crab salad, sweet and sour horseshoe crab fried, fried horseshoe crab with chilis, horseshoe crab egg crispy fried, steamed horseshoe crab,…
Horseshoe crab must-try dishes of Ha Long
Appetizing fried horseshoe crab
If you are a fan of crab, do try to eat some horseshoe crab before ending your vacation. You will be sorry if you don't!
Traveling is not just about sightseeing, enjoying the scenery but also about enjoying the cuisine, special dishes that represent the culture and customs of the place. A complete vacation is a holiday that you can discover the mystical beauty of wonders, all the while enjoying the delicious cuisine. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Long, please spend time tasting these dishes - the specialties of Ha Long that you can not miss - to have a perfect trip.