Ha Long Park In Youths Prism

While Viet Nam is coming to its last days of summer, which means the Northern weather is turning into its most beautiful period (August – October). At this time, Ha Long seems to be a perfect destination for the tourism industry, especially the youths. Let see how their lately experiences were.

Sun World Ha Long Park overview
Ha Long Park overview
Ha Long Park is the biggest entertaining park in Viet Nam with 214 ha area, including 2 major parts which is coastal part and the Ba Deo hill part. They are connected by a Queen cable-car system. Promise to bring the tourists the best experiences of every aspect by visual and senses. Besides, Ha Long Park was built based on the idea of a wonderland then its beauty

1. Ha Long Park - Coastal part

- Dragon Park: Located by the beautiful Bai Chay, being one of the Ha Long Park signatures, Dragon Park is an amusing theme park combining 30 different adventure games and the most famous one to the young tourists is Speedily Flying Dragon with 1,1 km long. Experience the train slowly go up to the track peek then immediately falling down the road would brings you through every level of emotions.
 speedily frying dragon
Speedily Flying Dragon
Also, there are 29 other games that are attractive and perfect for taking photos purpose.
 following dragon footprint
Follow Dragon footprint
magical ferris
Magical Ferris
- Typhoon Water Park: There is nothing more exciting than immersing into the cool water in these days of summer with all these amusing activities.
 typhoon water park overview
Typhoon Water Park overview
 magical island typhoon water park
Magical island
typhoon water park elephant waterfall
The Elephant Waterfall

2. Ha Long Park – Queen cable-car

After all the dynamic moment in the coastal part, going up to the Ba Deo hill part is also an unforgettable memory. It is a 2 floor red cabin, can accommodate 100 visitors per time. With the stunning view from the sky to the coastal part and a part of Ha Long beaches, The Queen cable-car will take you from the Sea train station to the Sun train station. One more interesting thing on this excursion is after you get to any station, there is a receptionist standing on the top floor and waving to you, what a generous hospitality!
sunworld ha long park queen cable car

3. Ha Long Park – Ba Deo part

Stepping out of the cable, you will access the mystery castle with the Japanese architecture which brings you to the ancient Edo walls. They even have a kid land which includes many types of games as the ball house, obstacle avoidance…
 Ha Long Park kid land
Or you can go to the wax exhibit to posing with all the famous wax statues.
 posing with the wav statue Ha Long park
Wax exhibit posing
Covers around the mystery castle is the Japanese garden. Influenced by the well-known Okayama Korakuen garden, the Japanese garden was made by the professional Japanese would definitely be the sanctuary place to the faithful of selfie
 Jen garden overview
zen garden
Zen garden
Koi bridge
Fantastic Koi bridge
After all, you can go to the Ba Deo peek to experience the Sun Wheel, a significant symbol on the top of Ha Long bridge, where you can enjoy Ha Long panoramic view.
 sun wheel ha long
Sun Wheel
Are you exciting yet? There are many things more waiting for you to explore.
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