This Summer, Do Not Miss These Hot Destinations Near Hanoi

If you do not have much time to go far, don't worry, these are dozens of hot destinations near Hanoi with spectacular view and good services that help you have a wonderful holiday this summer. 

1. Thinh Long Beach, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh Province

Thinh Long is only 150 km from the center of Hanoi. The beach consists of 2 smaller beaches: beach 1 which is suitable for those who want to take photos, explore fishermen's jar, catch fishes and even try to walk on stilts,... Unlike Bai 1, Bai 2 has many restaurants, shops, souvenir shops for anyone want to enjoy seafood, special food and buy gifts, beach is 2 the main beach of Thinh Long beach.

Besides swimming, watch sunrise and sunset on the beach is also very romantic and exciting with peace and fresh air. 

2. Sam Son Beach

Sam Son Beach, a hot destination in summer

Sam Son is said to be the most famous beach in Thanh Hoa, located 170km from Hanoi and 16km from Thanh Hoa city center, Sam Son beach attracts large tourists every holiday or summer.

Coming to Sam Son beach, you will have opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery with long sea, clean water, blue sky and smooth sand. In the morning, you can go to the sea to watch the sunrise or participate in pulling the net with fishermen.

3. Cat Ba Island 

Monkey Island in Cat Ba

Administratively as a part of Hai Phong city, Cat Ba is the biggest island  and the perfect place as a stopover for a trip to in Halong bay. Comparing with touristic Halong bay area, Cat Ba island is still relatively untouched with many pristine beaches, outstandingly beautiful Lan Ha bay & its rich national park- which was recognised as the world's biosphere reserve in 2005

In Cat Ba, you can not only immerse in fresh water but also explore nearby places such as Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba National Park, Monkey Island or Phao Dai Than Cong or join in exciting activities like trekking, jumping & swimming, diving and snorkelling, riding on balloon air, biking around Cat Ba National Park, etc. 

4. Quan Son Lake Resort

About 40km from Hanoi, in My Duc district, Quan Son resort is recommended as the best place to escape the city bustling Hanoi for outing day. Due to beautiful natural landscape, Quan Son is considered as "Halong on land". Quan Son lake is beautiful and peaceful with many mountains jutted out on the lake and the diversity of plants. Travel to Quan Son, you can release your soul with the nature, floating on the immense water, enjoy the cool air and admire the spacious landscape..

5. Kim Boi Mineral Spring

A corner of Kim Boi mineral spring

For those who want to take a day off after long days working, Kim Boi mineral spring is the ideal place which is 70km from Hanoi and located in Ha Bi commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province. 

Clear water continually spouts from the fountains, normally between 340oC and 360oC. According to some scientific, Kim Boi water resources can reach the required standard for quality; therefore, it proves to be suitable for drinking and bathing.

6. Thien Son Suoi Nga

Thien Son Suoi Nga

Thien Son Suoi Nga in Ba Vi National Park, not too far from Hanoi. From the center of Hanoi, take about 1 hour on motorbike, you can reach to this site. The best time to visit Thien Son Suoi Nga is on summer when the air fresh and cool, and water is fresh and clean.

You can find a lot of activities here such as skating, go on double-biking, watch 3D movies, join adventure games and so on. 

There are also many games such as double biking, skating, 3D movie theater, water park ... Immersing in the cool stream or take a boat trip on the lake to explore landscape surrounded are also exciting and interesting. 

Author: Freeland Journey