7 Unmissable Places For Your Trip To Quang Ninh This Time

Apart from Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh has a lot of interesting tourist sites that you can experience such as Co To Island, Quan Lan Island, Tra Co Beach and so on. 

1. Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay has an area of 1,553 km2 with nearly 2,000 small and big islands. Among them, the World Natural Heritage Site recoginzed by UNESCO covers an area of over 434 km2 with 788 islands, the site has special cultural, aesthetic, geological, biological and economic value. 

Halong Bay, the favourite site in Quang Ninh

Thousands of islands, caves, beaches in the bay, combine with beautiful scenery are favorable condition to develop various forms of tourist attractions. The most attractive cave system is Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Tam Cung Cave and other caves in the site. 

2. Bai Chay 

Bai Chay is a large and beautiful beach which attract a huge crowd of beachgoers in the summertime and is the closest beach to the iconic Ha Long Bay. In the beach, visitors have opportunity to enjoy seafood in restaurant nearby and participate in a lot of fascinated activities like jet skiing, surfing and canoeing. 

A corner of Bai Chay Beach

Also, there are several historical landmarks in the town for those looking to enjoy some sightseeing around the beach. Halong Night Market opens daily from 18:00 until 22:30, various items are sold there suchs as T-shirts, handicrafts, jewellery and other souvenirs. Remember to do bargain hard as prices are quite high for tourists. 

3. Yen Tu Mountain 

Yen Tu Mountain is one of the highest peaks in the Dong Trieu Mountains in the north-eastern area of Vietnam, it is located in Thuong Yen Commune, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province. Besides being a famous natural landscape, Yen Tu preserves numerous historical relics and is also known as “The cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam”

Yen Tu Mountain, the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam

 At the top of the mountain is often covered with clouds, that's why it has been named as Bach Van Son (a moutain with white cloud). Total length of road to the reach Dong Pagoda on Yen Tu is about 6.000m by thousands of stone steps. A panorama of the extensive North-eastern Vietnam, Bach Dang River, and especially the natural wonder Halong Bay would be shown when you stand on the highest peak of the mountain.

4. Tuan Chau Island 

Just 8 kilometers away, in the southwest from downtown Halong, Tuan Chau Island is a newly established tourism center of the region.  The whole area of this island is about 2.2 square kilometers, which consists of multiple sloping hills and is considered as one of the most attractive sites for whom visit Halong Bay.  

The green space in Tuan Chau Island

With 6km of smooth white sand, together with clear blue water surrounding more than 200 hectares of green pine forest and cool weather covers all year, Tuan Chau island deserves to be one of the most-visited place in Vietnam. Besides landscape and swimming, visitors can join in interesting activities which can be listed as Jet Ski, canoes parachute, sea fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, or lavish services and entertainment such as dolphin show, seal show, circus, and martial art show 6 days a week (except Monday).

5. Co To Island 

Romantic scene in Co To

Co To Island is favourite site by pristine beaches with white sand, clear blue water and tranquil landscapes. Tourists would not only have a chance to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of blue clean seawater, but also to visit primitive forests, the impressive lighthouse of Co To, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Co To island, Thanh Lam island, Co To Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets.

6. Quan Lan Island 

Located in a large population of island on dreaming Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, Quan Lan Island is an ideal site to visit. It not only fully converges factors of a natural scenic spot but also keeps the great number of historical and long-standing cultural values. The total area of the island is 11 km2, extending east-west direction from the foothills of the Van Don mountain range to Got mountain, with high mountains to the east looking like a bulwark preventing waves from the sea to protect the inhabitants of the Island.

Quan Lan Beach, on oof ideal site to visit this time

Pristine beaches with white sands and blue clear waters, beautiful landscape and delicious seafood dishes may the reason why Quan Lan ha the number of tourists increasing every year.  

7. Tra Co beach 

About 200 km from the center of Mong Cai, Tra Co is a unique cultural and tourist destination and possesses charming pristine beaches in Halong.

Furthermote, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam with more than 15km of coastline. Unlike any beaches in Ha Long, Do Son or other beaches, Tra Co Beach is in combination between the beauty of the Middle and the North of Vietnam. That creates a strange and harmony beauty of this beach. Coming to Tra Co, you will not only immerse in the cool sea, but also take time to visit Sa Vi, Da Den beach and enjoy various kibnd of seafood here. This beach is really an ideal choice for you. 

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