Co To Island - The Paradise Of The Northeast Of Vietnam

Co To island is a beautiful landscape of Halong tourism. When visiting Co To, tourists will have chances to explore many beautiful sediments, wonderful sandy beaches, small paths near the primeval forests, fresh delicious seafood and many interesting activities in a romantic space.

The overview of Co To island

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Co To is also called “Chàng Sơn” (Chàng mountain). In some ancient books, it is also known as “Cầu Đầu” (where many mountains stand together on the sea). The island is the living place of many fishermen.
Located in Co To Island District, Quang Ninh Province, Co To Island with more than 40 multi-sized islands, Co To is an interesting destination in Vietnam.

Beautiful destinations in Co To island.

1.Doc Khoai relic area (Khu di tích Dốc Khoai in Vietnamese)

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Doc Khoai relic area is the place where has recorded the victory of Vietnamese people in the battle to protect our sovereignty against the French colonialists. In front of the campus where Uncle Ho statue is built, there is a beautiful road called “loving road” paved with bricks along Nam Hai coast. This road is an ideal place to go sightseeing and watch the dawn.

2. Cau Mi resort and Ngam Song hill

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Cau Mi resort and Ngam Song hill has been considered as a paradise for couples. Watching the waves clapping the strange sedimentary cliffs of million years is an unforgettable experience.

3. Fishing villages and fishing logistics areas

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Fishing villages and fishing logistics areas are all ideal places for visitors to practically experience many activities such as exploitation activities and seafood processes.
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Besides, tourists also join fishing and jellyfish catching as well as trying local food made by friendly and hospitable people.

4. Small Co To Island

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About one kilometer from great Co To island, small Co To Island owns the most beautiful beaches in the Co To island complex. Being a military Island, nobody lives in this small Co To island. Besides, when exploring forests in this island, tourists will be able to see many wild and rare plants and animals, especially wooden trees.
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With a small area, visitors can go through small Co To forests to many wonderful beaches of the island to take natural coral pieces or shells.

5. Hong Van beach

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Hong Van beach is about 8 kilometres from the district center. It is the most beautiful beach of the island. From a small path crossing fields and beefwood forests, there will appear a dreaming sandy beach stretching along the immerse blue sea.

6. Van Chai beach

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Lying in the end of Co To island is small and beautiful Van Chai beach. The natural Van Chai beach with white sandy frame winding the meander coast is always an ideal place for visitors to relax.

7. Uncle Ho beach

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The beach stretches for about 15 kilometers from the wharf to the end of Co To island. Uncle Ho beach is the main beach of local people and also the most crowded beach. When coming to the beach, visitors will see a wonderful picture of a white clean sandy beach going along with cool green beef-wood forests and the clean brick paved road.It is a favorite destination of many local people and tourists. Watching the dawn in this beautiful beach is also an unforgettable memory.

8. Cau My - Co To island

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Located in the South of the great Co To island, Cau My with its thousand-year-old sediments has created a real and unique wonder in the island system of Vietnam.

9. Uncle Ho memorial house (Nhà Lưu Niệm Bác Hồ in Vietnamese)

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Lying in Zone 3, Co To town, Co To district, Quang Ninh Province, Uncle Ho memorial house is an impressive relic complex. This meaningful destination contains many statues, steles and memorable houses recognized as national cultural and historical relics published on July 5th, 1997.

10. Lighthouse station in Co To

Co To lighthouse station is among 30 “eyes of sea in the night” of territorial waters in Vietnam. Co To lighthouse station was built in the late 19th century and sparkles over the night by solar batteries with automatic àn semi-automatic control system.
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Co To island is a beautiful destination that has changed everyday to become one of the highlights in Halong tourism. Let Vietland take you to one of the most unforgettable destinations of Halong - the legend of tourism with our suitable TOURS for you!

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