Cua Van Fishing Village - The Ancient Beauty Of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh

In the previous part, you and Vietland Journey has explored Vung Vieng fishing village - one of four beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long bay. To continue our trip in Ha Long bay, Vietland Journey chooses Cua Van fishing village as the next destination because of its unique ancient beauty that can not be confused with any other fishing villages.

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Beautiful Vung Vieng fishing village in Ha Long Bay

Located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, about 20 kilometres from tourism wharf, Cua Van fishing village is the largest ancient fishing village in Ha Long bay with 733 people in 176 floating houses in a calm sea, surrounded by many majestic limestone mountains named Va Gia - Cua Van.

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The multi-color picture of Cua Van fishing village

The wonderful scenery of Cua Van will strongly impress any tourist visiting the village. The first attraction of Cua Van is the beautifully decorated boats and floating houses with eye-catching colors that create a spectacular backdrop on the bay.

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Charming scenery in Cua Van fishing village

The life of the local people in this village is very peaceful and not disturbed by the noise of modern life.  With ancient features and charming beauty, Cua Van fishing village has preserved its uniquely traditional cultural characteristics that help the village write its name in the list of 16 most ancient villages by travel website in 2012.
Cua Van fishing village is derived from two ancient fishing villages in Halong Bay, named Giang Vong and Truc Vong. Along with other beautiful destinations, Cua Van became an indispensable part in Ha Long tourism.

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A system of floating houses

Cua Van fishing village is the home of more than 300 families living mainly by fishing. When coming to Cua Van fishing village, visitors will not only be immersed in extraordinarily quiet and peaceful space, admire wonderful scenery and learn the cultural life of fishermen but also directly participate in boating, throwing fishing nets and fishing with the women village in the village.
In addition, visitors can easily be attracted by the beauty of floating boats, the simple but enthusiastic and hospitable fishermen - one of the highlight of Cua Van when they visit the fishing village.

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Sightseeing around Cua Van village

Under the current policy of the People's Committee in Ha Long, Cua Van fishing village only have 12 raft houses, including: classrooms, cultural houses and some other new and qualified raft houses of fishermen to protect the environment for the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay in particular and the oldest fishing village in the world in general.

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Cua Van fishing village

When the night falls, visitors can comfortably kayak around the village, pull the net with fishermen, catch squid, and join many other interesting activities of fishermen.

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The village after sunfall

After catching, visitors can process their products according to the recipes of the local people or make their own seafood dishes.
Especially, when visiting Cua Van fishing village on the festival or wedding seasons, visitors will have the opportunity to hear voice of the fishermen in their traditional songs (a form of performance with many folk songs only found in the Ha Long Bay area). All these things will create unique and unforgettable experiences for visitors coming to the ancient village.

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Activites in Cua Van village
Visiting Cua Van fishing village, tourists are not only immersed in the peaceful scenery of a romantic fishing village, but also admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay - the world natural heritage. Cua Van fishing village nowadays not only attracts domestic tourists but also impresses many foreign visitors. The village has become an indispensable destination of tourism in Ha Long.
The trip exploring fishing villages in Ha Long Bay will be continued. So, do not forget to follow Vietland Journey for the latest information!