Discovering The Peaceful Life Of Ngoc Vung Beach

Ha Long is very famous for its beautiful beaches and majestic scenery in which Ngoc Vung beach is among the most attractive destinations to be visited on your trip to Halong bay.
The hightlight of Halong Bay

Ngoc Vung beach belongs to Ngoc Vung island which is a new destination in Halong tourism. Unlikely many other famous places in Ha Long such as Halong Bay, Co To island, Quan Lan island…, Ngoc Vung beach attracts visitors by its charming beauty and the peaceful life.



The beauty of Ngoc Vung island

Ngoc Vung beach lies in the south of Ngoc Vung island, about 30 kilometers from the mainland and stretches over 3 kilometers with the long white sandy beach. Its green forest and cool blue sea are worthy for visitors to discover.


The cool fresh water in Ngoc Vung beach

Especially, during the trip to Ngoc Vung beach, visitors will have an opportunity to admire the charming moment of sunset on this wonderful island. The beach is also an ideal place for people loving taking photos.


The charming picture of sunset in Ngoc Vung beach

One of the most interesting experience during the trip to Ngoc Vung island is that visitors can take part in the daily life of the local people in the fishing village, learn how to fish and try the fresh local food. Visitors certainly have unforgettable moment in this simple and peaceful fishing village.



Beautiful sunset in Ngoc Vung island

The wonderful beauty of the scenery in Ngoc vung island, especially the beauty of Ngoc Vung beach - one of the most attractive destinations in Ha Long will be memorable experience in visitors’ mind. It is also an ideal place for people  finding a peaceful and comfortable environment to get out of their daily hustling and bustling life.

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Welcome you to the legend of tourism in Vietnam!

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