Exploring Tam Cung Cave - The Beautiful Paradise In Halong Bay

When talking about Ha Long - a natural heritage of the world that is famous for a great number of wonderful caves in multiple shapes and sizes, many people do not regret their words to complement Tam Cung cave - a light pearl in Halong tourism.  What makes this cave so attractive? Our trip will start right now!

Short brief of Tam Cung cave

du lịch hạ long

Tam Cung cave is located on May Den island - a pristine island with lush tropical forests and beetling cliffs. Not only being endowed with the ideal position right in the heart of Halong bay and the Northeast of Sung Sot cave, Tam Cung cave is also favored by the nature with great area and three beautiful departments owning many naturally unique stalactites.
du lịch hạ long
Accessing the cave, tourists will surely be overwhelmed by many colorful stalactite beams in different appearances.

Paradise in Tam Cung cave

On the first steps in the primary compartment, visitors will excitedly hear the vibrato of windy melodies like resounding melody of Lithophone or strident sound of T’rung.
du lịch hạ long
Moreover, tourists will practically admire many enormous stalactites in the shape of old fairies climbing mountains or quietly sitting and admiring the flow of life.
du lịch Hạ long
Surprisingly falling from the ceil of the cave, a great flower bursting its various small wings makes the cave more beautiful and palatial.
du lịch hạ long
Through the “fairy paradise”, crossing a small rock gap, visitors will come to the lively space of a natural museum with many statues of creatures such as stone statues of seals, stone statues of lions… This place looks like the palace of the princess who slept in the forest that children used to be told. Standing at the center of this compartment, visitors will see a yearly fresh water stream in the touchy space surrounded by many stone curtains softly falling down.
du lịch hạ long
When reaching the final compartment, visitors can admire the sophisticated stone sculpture picture made by the artisan “Nature”. Each work that is created from the transcendent aesthetics and respectable craftsmanship is different from each other in its appearance from soft petals, giant and gentle elephants to slender bamboo sticks…
du lịch hạ long
Although Tam Cung cave is not as large as many other caves in Halong Bay, it still attracts millions of tourists each year thank to its graceful, pristine and flexible beauty of stalactites. Having a trip to this impressive cave, visitors will certainly overwhelmed by the highlight in the heart of Halong.
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