Exploring The Longest Cave Of Halong Bay - Hanh Cave

A trip to Halong can not be perfect if Hanh cave is missed. Welcome to Vietland’s journey to Hanh cave, one of the longest and the most beautiful caves in Halong tourism complex. Let’s start right now to explore this wonderful cave!

The position of Hanh cave

Hanh cave lies on the foot of Quang Hanh mountain, about 20 kilometers from Bai Chay, Ha Long. The cave stretches from Quang Hanh mountain to the sea with the length of 1300 meters. Because of its special length, the cave is called Le Tunel by French people.

du lịch hạ long

The longest cave in Halong Bay

Visitors can move to the cave by canoes or by cars. However, you have to choose when the tide greatly ebbs or you can not find the entrance of the cave. Looking carefully under the cave gate, you will see the Three-Aunt Temple.

du lịch Hạ Long

An unforgettable journey in the longest cave of Ha Long

The legend of Hanh cave

du lịch hạ long

Memorable experiences on small boats exploring Hanh cave

Each of the caves in Halong Bay has its own legend about which many people have never heard. And Hanh Cave is not an exception, too. The legend and the atmosphere of Hanh cave certainly makes the hearers and visitors sad when coming to the cave.

du lịch Hạ Long

The cave of untold stories

The main characters of the legend are three fishing girls. Once day, when they came to the sea, suddenly it rained heavily. The three girls sheltered in a wonderful cave. The unique of the cave made them completely immerse themselves that they forgot that it was high time to go home. Then the tides rose high, they had to stay in the cave until became naiads. Despite the unhappy legend, Hanh cave is practically more beautiful than it is expected.

The characteristics of Hanh cave

du lịch hạ long

The cave is not as high as other caves in Halong Bay

Because the cave is quite short, it can only be visited when the tide strongly ebbs and by small boats. When moving inside the cave, visitors also have to use flashlights or torches.

Interesting experience in Hanh cave

Hanh cave is the most beautiful cave of Halong tourism. Although it is a wonderful cave, it still remains many mysteries that only attract people loving adventuring and exploring new mysterious land.

du lịch hạ long

An interesting destination to be visited

Visitors can catch a canoe from Doan berth in Hon Gai or drive their cars to Cam Pha town. From Cam Pha, they can rent a yacht or a canoe to Hanh cave. At the entrance of the cave, there are also many small boats waiting to take you around the cave.

du lịch hạ long

The unique structure in Hanh Cave

It is quite dark in Hanh cave. However, the deeper you move inside the cave, the more beautifully the cave expresses. During the trip in the cave, you will be able to admire many wonderful diamond pillars, colorful marble beams, orchid baskets or giant peony beams…

du lịch hạ long

The beautiful picture defeats everyone

Usually, it will take you from 60 minutes to 90 minutes to explore totally this longest cave of Halong cave system. The quite long journey will certainly bring you many interesting experiences.

du lịch hạ long

Hanh cave - the spotlight of Halong tourism

The beauty of Hanh cave is undeniable. However, exploring and joining this pristine beauty will never be easy for people lacking courage.

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