Exploring Unique Luon Cave In Halong Bay

If Halong Bay in your mind is simply a famous destination of many delicious local food or unforgettable night cruises, Halongwave say it is true but not enough.  And if you are going to visit Halong with the thought that Thien Cung cave, Trinh Nu cave and Sung Sot cave are enough for your holiday, Halongwave certainly make you regret for not choosing Luon Cave in your trip to the legendary land of tourism.

1. Geographical information about Luon cave

The name of the cave is derived from its closed mountain arch shape. Luon cave lies on the Northeast of Bo Hon island, about 1 kilometers from Sung Sot cave. It connects the sea with a closed round pond inside mountains. The cave lengthens 60 meters and its height is from 2.5 meters to 4 meters depending on the tides. On the right side of the cave is Heaven's Gate (or Cổng Trời in Vietnamese) and the Turtle Island is in front of Luon Cave.

hang luồn

Through many years, Luon cave still stands here with a proud posture and quietly watches changes of Halong Bay.

2. The best tips for experiencing Luon Cave

To explore Luon cave, tourists must use kayak boats or small bamboo boats with the capacity from 10 to 15 people.

du lịch hạ long

During the trip, tourists will be overwhelmed  with an extremely beautiful arch decorated with many fanciful stalactites. On the cliffs, there are also a lot of ferns, viva trees shading and beautiful orchids curving down.

du lịch hạ long

Because the cave is quite short, it only takes about 20 minutes to be explored.

3. Unique beauty of Luon cave

Sitting on a kayak boat or a small bamboo boat, visitors will be able to admire the unique arch and listen to the smooth sound from the paddles when being put into the water or the sound of the water falling down from the ceiling of the cave.

du lịch hạ long

Inside Luon cave, visitors will feel like they are going back the pristine period of thousands of years before because of its various vegetation and well-preserved surroundings.

du lịch hạ long

The cave is also the habitat of many yellow monkeys. On the cliffs of the cave, visitors can easily see monkeys passing the branches and scampering excitedly together. Be careful with them or you will be addicted! Taking photos with yellow monkeys in Luon cave is considered as a “tourism specialty” when visiting this wonderful cave.

du lịch hạ long

Moving deeper inside the cave, there will appear a blue pond surrounded by lush green trees and colorful flowers… The pond is also the home of many sea creatures such as fish, crabs, shrimps… for visitors to admire.

Each cave in Halong Bay has its own beauty and Luon cave is not an exception. The unique structure, abundant creatures and wonderful landscape that “The Mother of Nature” has favored Luon cave make it become one of the most interesting destinations to be visited in Ha Long.

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