Ha Long - The Legend Of Tourism, The Home Of Emerald Islands

When talking about Halong, its unique and majestic beauty is always reminded. With more than 1000 wonderful islets and islands, it is such a pity if visitors visit Halong without exploring some beautiful islands.
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Bo Hon island

đảo bồ hòn

Among many beautiful destinations in Halong, Bo Hon island recently has been reminded as the most popular place to be explored by many visitors. Lying in the heart of Halong, the island is surrounded by many beautiful islets that contain a number of famous caves such as Surprising Cave (Động Sửng Sốt in Vietnamese), Luon Cave (Hang Luồn), Tien cave (Động Tiên), Virgin cave (Hang Trinh Nữ)...

bồ hòn island

When visiting Bo Hon island, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island that has many vertical cliffs, continuous mountainous and fresh blue sea. All of them has created a harmony and poetic picture.

Ngoc Vung island

đảo ngọc vừng

Listed as one of the most famous islands of Halong bay, Ngoc Vung island is the place that can not be missed in the journey exploring Halong bay of many tourists. About 34 kilometers from the center of Halong, Ngoc Vung island belongs to Van Don district and lies between Net islet ( Hòn Nét in Vietnamese) and Phoenix islet (Phượng Hoàng in Vietnamese).

đảo ngọc vừng

The island is famous for many beautiful beaches that attract a great number of tourists every year. The local people living on the island are also very kind and friendly. On the trip to Ngoc Vung island, visitors can be able to visit many invaluable archaeological relics and cultural and historical relics of the province.

Titop island

đảo titop

About 8 kilometers to the southeast of Bai Chay stands crescent moon shaped Titop island that attract a lot of visitors of Quang Ninh.

đảo titop

The highlights of Titop island are extremely wonderful beach embracing the whole island, the clear blue sea and white sand beach as calling.

Tuan Chau island

Other emerald island in the wonderful islet and island system of Halong is Tuan Chau island. About 2 kilometers from the heart of the city, the island is connected to the mainland with a straight concrete paved road.

đảo tuần châu

The Tuan Chau Island Tourist Resort is surrounded by many rolling hills and beautiful beaches with a two-kilometer sand carpet that make visitors comfortably immerse in the fresh sea and have sunbath. The resort also has a high quality system of restaurants, high-class hotels, and many attractive entertainment services for visitors.

đảo tuần châu

Co To island

đảo cô tô

Co To island lies in the East of Van Don Island that owns many dreaming-like and wild but poetic beaches. The island has been strongly exploited for tourism, hence there have been many international standard hotels built on the island. Besides, tourism in homestay style is still a favorite choices of visitors who want to be close and harmony with nature.

đảo cô tô

Quan Lan island

Belonging to the great island system of Bai Tu Long, Quan Lan island stretches from the foot of Van Don mountain to Got mountain (Núi Gót in Vietnamese).

đảo quan lạn

The island is famous for two beautiful beaches - Son Hao and Minh Chau that are usually crowded around the year. Especially, Quan Lan island also has many other invaluable and historical destinations for visitors to admire and explore.

đảo quan lạn

Soi Sim island 

Despite being a small islet, modestly nestled in the west of Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim still holds its position as a well-known destination of Halong tourism because of its gentle and unspoiled beauty.

đảo soi sim

The fresh air, peaceful space and small but wild and wonderful beaches have made Soi Sim island become an ideal place for people loving nature.

Oan island 

hòn oản

Because the 'appearance' of Oan island looks like a truncated-cone-shaped cake in the Buddhist worship of working people, the small, beautiful island is called Oan island (Hòn Oản in Vietnamese). About 5 kilometers to the East of Bai Chay, Oan island is a favorite destination of many visitors. The island used to be chosen as the scene of  Indochina film that is famous all over the world.

West Sewer island (Đảo Cống Tây in Vietnamese)

đảo cống tây

Lying on Bai Tu Long island, about 40 kilometers from Bai Chay, West Sewer island is the choice of many visitors finding an ideal place for relaxing and swimming.

đảo cống tây

Reu island (Đảo Rều in Vietnamese)

Being a wild island, Reu island has been exploited for tourism recently. Hence, the island still remains its natural beauty with majestic mountains and naturally blue sea.

đảo rều

About more than 500 meters from Bai Chay, Reu island is the home of many wild and rare animals that attract many visitors.

Red Sewer island (Đảo Cống Đỏ in Vietnamese)

đảo cống đỏ

Lying in the Southeast of Ha Long Bay, belonging  to Bai Tu Long bay and about 25 kilometers from Bai Chay, Red Sewer island not only attracts many domestic and foreign visitors but also is considered as a natural heritage of the world. Besides, the island has many winding valleys. It is also the home of many sea creatures and giant coral reefs. The Red Sewer island is not only an attractive destination of Quang Ninh but also an important target of scientists.

Ba Mun island (Đảo Ba Mùn in Vietnamese)

đảo ba mùn

Ba Mun island is one of the biggest and the most beautiful islands in Bai Tu Long bay and have the most diversified flora in Bai Tu Long national park. This is a suitable place for exploring and joining the beauty of the nature. Ba Mun island is also an ideal place for visitors to visit and learn about wild animals.

đảo ba mùn

Yellow Card island (Đảo Thẻ Vàng in Vietnamese)

đảo thẻ vàng

Also belonging to island system of Bai Tu Long, the Đảo Thẻ Vàng ecological zone is in the progress of becoming an international standard resort. With available potentiality from nature, continuous mountains facing to the immense sea and various types of high standard services for tourism, Yellow Card island is worthy to be an impressed destination.

Bai Tho mountain (Núi Bài Thơ in Vietnamese)

núi bài thơ

Lying in the heart of Ha Long city, Bai Tho mountain is not only the “perfect child” of the “mother of nature” but also an cultural and historical relics that plays an important role in the history of Quang Ninh province. Climbing to the top of Bai Tho mountain will be an unforgettable memory for visitors to view the whole majestic beauty of Halong bay.

núi bài thơ

All of these beautiful destinations have been daily beautifying Halong - the legend of tourism in particular and they will make Quang Ninh tourism reach to the world in the near future.

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