Ha Noi At Night – A Wonderland For Dreamers

If there is one beautiful day that you can't fall asleep at mid-night in Ha Noi, don't hesitate to put on your clothes, walk out the door because you won't ever know what have you missed.

Ha Noi reaches its peak of beauty at night, that is the fact which has known and handed through years between the locals. But besides comprehending it as a tumultuous and crowded city, you can only know, understand and instill the idea of those words when experiencing it on your own. If you are excited yet, then let me give you a ride.

1. First stop: Ta Hien street/ Dong Xuan night market

I started my excursion at 9 pm at Ta Hien, which named beer-street. Because Ha Noi is in late summer, hence many people finding that cheery to boozing, enjoying some junk foods with their friends after an exhausting day. You might find out that you are lost in that bustling atmosphere unconsciously.

Ta Hien crowed at night

Ta Hien crowed at night

Left Ta Hien, I was moving to Dong Xuan night market, which along Hang Dao, Dong Xuan market gate, continue to Hang Khoai, Hang Giay street. There are many types of fascinating product that you couldn't take your eye off, such as attires, pretties, fine arts, crafts…with affordable prices. Besides, you might enjoy the street music from those roadside speakers as well.

Dong Xuan night market with many items

Dong Xuan night market with many items

2. Next stop: Hoang Dieu/Phan Dinh Phung Street

Well known as the most beautiful street in Ha Noi, Hoang Dieu, either the next one, Phan Dinh Phung. In spite of the weather, time, or times that people passed by, they still remain quiet, peaceful as it is. These covered old tree-lined streets are where the original house Vo Nguyen Giap General located in. I still remember his funeral days, the visitors came in a long queue that hard to see the end of it. Then now that he's gone, everything is stay put as it was, as he is still here, as the Viet Nam symbol is still present.

Phan Dinh Phung street at night is beautiful as daytime

Phan Dinh Phung at night is beautiful as daytime

A midnight wind blew through my hair, brought me back to the reality. It was 11.45pm back then.

3. Third stop: Hoan Kiem Lake

Returning from Hoang Dieu, I came back to Hoan Kiem Lake area. At this time of night, there are only a few young couples who busy cuddling together that left, and it was the moment that I know, Ha Noi fell asleep. Without those booths, without those street vendors, without those tourists, it leaves a Ha Noi that so quiet and peaceful, a different Ha Noi that I know, which I can barely see in daytime. I decided to move to the next stop after walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, the Church, Dinh Le Street…and it was 2.00 am.

A valuable moment of silent in the middle of Ha Noi at Hoan Kiem lake

A valuable moment of silent in the middle of Ha Noi at Hoan Kiem lake

4. Fourth stop: Quang Ba flower market – Long Bien

I was present in the Quang Ba flower market at 2.30 am. It was chilly cause of the dew, but it seems like nothing can stop the local's lifestyle. Can you imagine that at 2.30 in the night, there is still a market that full of bicycles that carrying many types as well as an amount of colorful flower which is still operating? More amazing than that, the prices are about just 1/5 compared to the shops. It had cost me 2 hours to get tired of looking around and taking those memorable pictures.

Immerse in the colorful flower stalls at Quang Ba night market

Immerse in the colorful flower stalls at Quang Ba flower night market

5. Last stop: Long Bien bridge

I still remember that I presented at Long Bien bridge at 5 in the morning. It was precious to have a chance to took a deep breath of fresh air in the morning and waiting for the sunrise. What a perfect way to end a night trip!

Long Bien’s immortal beauty

Long Bien’s immortal beauty

Hope my sharing influenced you, maybe someday we will have the chance to meet up in the middle night of Ha Noi.

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