Hoi An Water Puppet – A Viet Nam Unique Traditional Aspect

Even that puppet is nothing so nameless nowadays since Southeast Asia is becoming an attractive destination for westerners. But out of all, Hoi An water puppet performance is still has its individual highlight.

1. Water Puppet origin

Appeared in the 10th decade, water Puppet quickly became a famous performing art to the ancient Vietnamese. Especially to the farmer, who use it as a celebration of a rice season. Since then, water Puppet is maintaining and conserving through time by the juggler and their descendants.

Hoi An water puppet

The water Puppet show has appeared from 10th decade

But, as constant dripping wears away the stone, this traditional performance wears out. By the progression of the modern entertainment forms, water Puppet is losing gradually and being forgotten. The only place that you can find a performance that remains approximate as its history is Hoi An – a small corner of Viet Nam.

Hoi An water Puppet show

Hoi An water Puppet show

To contributes to conservation, preserves and promotes the water Puppet course, the Hoi An culture – sports centre officially approved “Hoi An water Puppet art” to put into operation. The performance relates to Vietnamese agriculture life from 1.000 years ago, as fishing, catch crab, herd, cultivation, playing child…Besides, the show including Hoi An traditional performance as Aspa dancing, the “Con Cù” legend play...promises to bring the audience the most excitements.

2. Water Puppet performance information

-    Frequently performing at 18:30 every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.

-    Location: Hoi An theatre, 548 Hai Ba Trung street.

-    Duration: 45 minutes

-    Ticket price: 80.000 VND/Adult and 40.000 VND/Child

-    The tickets are available at the theater ticket counter, or you can buy it at some Hoi An hotel reception.

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