Kim Quy Grotto - The Grotto Of The Legend In Ha Long

When visiting Halong, it is usually hard for visitors to distinguish cave or island systems in Ha Long bay. However, Kim Quy grotto is an exception because it locates on Dam Nam islet and attaches with the interesting legend of golden turtle.
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The legend of Kim Quy grotto

kim quy cave

Because of more than 2000 islets and islands in Halong bay, it is not unusual when someone tell you about a mysterious story attaching with one of them. However, the legend of golden turtle is always reminded to visitors whenever they cross Dam Nam islet where wonderful Kim Quy grotto stands.

Kim Quy cave

As being told, after helping Le Loi defeat enemy, Golden Turtle asked King Shui Qi to destroy leviathans till the end of his life. At that time, there were many leviathans around Dam Nam islet. After killing monsters, he moved to the grotto in Dam Nam to relax and then petrified.The small grotto has been called Kim Quy grotto since then.

kim quy cave

Until now, when stopping in Dam Nam, visiting Kim Quy cave, visitors will see a block of stone that looks like a turtle lying to relax and many traces on the surface of the stone that remind the wounds of golden turtle in the battle against leviathans. These traces not only make the legendary story about the grotto become more exciting but also make the image of Golden Turtle in the cave become clearer and more lively under the observation of visitors.

The scenery in the mystical grotto of Dam Bac islet

Although mystical as Kim Quy grotto is, anyone visiting the cave without hearing about the legend of golden turtle can still easily admire the magical and wonderful beauty of the nature in this stone cave.

kim quy cave

With the length of 100 meters and the depth of 5 meters to 10 meters, lying on the opposite side of Dam Bac islet and in front of Soi Sim islet, Kim Quy grotto has created itself a colorful and unique picture of beautiful nature. Its appearance is the highlight of cave system in Halong Bay.

kim quy cave

Inside Kim Quy cave, besides the golden turtle-like block of stone, there are also many stalactites drooping from the ceiling of the cave. These stalactites combines with the reflective light will create a fanciful picture in the cave. From the unknown places in the grotto, the sound of flowing water fancies visitors by its melodious rhythm.

Deeper in the grotto still holds a very interesting thing to be explored. There are still the relics of dun ironwood pegs. These pegs used in the battle in Bach Dang river makes the legend of golden turtle become more actual in the belief of visitors.

kim quy cave

Kim Quy grotto in Halong bay with its special meanings will surely be one of the most interesting and memorable caves in the journey exploring Halong of visitors. The majesty of nature combining with the abundant imagination of visitors make the meaningful and everlasting legend that can persuade anyone visiting. Let wait for Vietland for the next journey!

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