List Of Luxurious Yachts With Reasonable Price In Halong Bay

Halong Bay up to now still holds its position as one of the most famous destinations and the symbol of tourism in Viet Nam. If you are not really interested in the bustling activities on the land, you can enjoy an overnight cruise in a luxurious yacht on Halong Bay. Trust Vietland! Certainly you will be addicted!

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Overnight cruise in the yacht on Halong Bay

Spending your time relaxing in a yacht moving around Halong Bay - a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO after tired working days surely an unforgettable journey beyond your expectation. Interesting activities given by each yacht team such as swimming, kayaking, exploring fishing villages or simply doing exercises, meditating on the deck in the early mornings completely satisfy you.

Without wasting your time, Vietland will introduce you our carefully checked list of reliable yachts with various price on Halong Bay that Vietland are providing with the hope that you can have the best experience in this famous legend of tourism.

Luxurious yachts in Halong Bay.

1. Au Co yacht

The Au Co vessel itself is one of the biggest and safest yachts in Halong Bay. The ship and all of its equipments are modern and well beyond required standards.

The 32-cabin steel yacht with the cruise lasting in 3 days and 2 nights costs from 400 USD to 800 USD per person.

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Au Co yacht is likely a sparkling castle during the night in the bay

The outstanding feature of the yacht is its luxurious design and great cabin. Au Co luxury yacht is one of the limited yacht providing three-day continual cruises. Usually, when you book a three-day cruise, you will have to move to another yacht (maybe without cabin) in the second day of your journey. Your first yacht will arrive the harbor to take new visitors. Booking Vietland Journey’s cruise in Au Co yacht, you do not have to worry about this problem.

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To get detailed information about our cruise in Au Co yacht, you can see in: The Au Co Cruise

2. Paradise Peak Yacht

Paradise Peak yacht is a tiny but the most elegant and sophisticated explorer in Halong Bay. This eight-cabin wooden yacht that is used for two-day and one-night cruise in the bay will cost you about 380 USD per person.

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A relaxing room in Paradise Peak Yacht

The highlights of the vessel are its spacious cabins and qualified services. The service pack in this cruise includes local beer, beverage, wine and spirits chosen from different places in the world. You can enjoy as much as possible.

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Here is the detailed information about the cruise: Paradise Peak Cruise

3. Halong Violet yacht

Halong Violet Cruise is truly one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay. Tourists who take their holidays in Halong Violet yacht often talk about their experience with the highest praises.

The six-cabin wooden yacht that provides a two-day and one-night cruise or three-day and two-night cruise will reasonably cost from 392 USD per person.

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Halong Violet Yacht

The outstanding feature of the yacht is its Dong Duong style design and each cabin has its own ancient and comfortable beauty.

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You can see more here: Halong Violet Cruise

Medium yachts in Halong Bay

1. Dragon Legend yacht

Dragon Legend yacht is the newest member of Indochina Junk fleet, proudly marked as the high end product line. The twenty-four-cabin wooden yacht is used for two-day and one night cruises or three-day and two-night cruises. A cruise in this beautiful yacht only costs from 215 USD per person.

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Dragon Legend yacht

The highlight of the yacht is its oriental beauty. A journey exploring Halong Bay in this famous vessel will make you addicted.

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Detailed information about the cruise: Dragon Legend Cruise

2. Bhaya yacht

This wooden yacht has from 25 cabins to 20 cabins and is usually used for two-day and one night cruises and three-day and two-night cruises with the price around 175 USD per person.

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You can book the cruise here: Halong Bhaya Classic

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Bhaya cruise

3. Paloma Yacht

The Paloma is your home while you are cruising in Halong Bay. This Halong Bay best cruise will turn as an unforgettable experience. The sixteen-cabin wooden yacht provides two-day and one night cruises and three-day and two-night cruises with the low cost from 143 USD per person.

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Paloma cruise

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You can see more here:  Halong Paloma Cruise


Low price yachts in Halong Bay

If you have a limited budget, do not worry about this because Vietland Journey have a lot of suitable price cruises for you.

1. Fantasea yacht

The nearly eight-cabin wooden yacht providing two-day and one night cruises and three-day and two-night cruises costs only within 100 USD.

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Fantasea yacht

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Detailed information about our cruise: Halong Fantasea Cruise

2. Lemon yacht

The nine-cabin yacht provides cruises in two days and one night or three days and two nights.

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The cruise costs only from 55 USD per day. You can see more in: Halong Lemon Cruise

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Halong Lemon cruise

Besides, Vietland Journey also provide many cheaper cruises for tourists with the price under 100 USD. For more details, you can see in: Halong cheap cruises or CONTACT US for the best advice and services.

Vietland hope that you and your family will have the best holiday!

Author: Vietland Journey