Ninh Binh – 1 Day Trip

It is the weekend, too tired of the tedious works, too humdrum of city coffee cups, too familiar with Ha Noi entertainment venues. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s pack and get away from the city. Where? Ninh Binh, of course!
Ninh Binh is a pristine land which is less than 100km from Ha Noi city. You can get there by motorbike or bus. But my recommendation is just jumping on a bus and Boom, you are there after 1 hour, nothing attached. Anyway, we will try a bamboo boat excursion after, any following transportation would be the entanglement.

1. First stop: Trang An ecotourism

Yes, first stop would definitely Trang An ecotourism since all the commendation on TripAdvisor is how stunning it is, how amazing the trip was…everything is a Big thump up. You can barely find a place that has the astonishing, immaculate nature scenery around Ha Noi, where you have the chance to sit in the rustic boat and drifting along the water flow. Even though this destination is just a few hundreds meter from the main road but totally isolated from the world.
 Trang An ecotourism wharf
Tourist get on the boat at the wharf to visit Trang An ecotourism
 Bamboo boat excursion in Trang An ecotourism
Bamboo boat excursion in Trang an ecotourism
Trang An nowadays is known as a Ha Long Bay mini version. Cause of the natural limestone mountains system embraces the internal valleys, which creates a romantic painting, one of the masterpieces of mother nature.
 Trang An ecotourism overview
Trang An overview
 explore Sang cave
Explore Sang cave – a Trang An signature
On the tour, you will have the chance to visit those historical sites such as Trinh temple, Tran temple, Khong’ building along the river.
 Trinh temle
Trinh temple
One last plus point of Trang An is tourist can visit all the sites without the duplication because the river here is a closed circle.

2. Next stop: Tuyet Tinh Coc

After getting out of Tran An ecotourism, we can go along 491 C road to get to Tuyet Tinh Coc. This path might be a bit far than the other, but easy to go with a lack of map knowledge. However, that road is pretty beautiful.
The Coc entrance is Am Tien cave temple, which is created in a mini Asian kingdom gate shape, which made it even more mysterious and isolate to the world.
 Am Tien view from the sky
Am Tien view from the sky
The path to Am Tien gate is made of hundreds stone step with those big stones and old trees aside.
 Am Tien entrance path
Am Tien entrance path
 Am Tien cave temple
Am Tien cave temple
The moment we passed the gate is the moment that we know how satisfying it was when Colombo found Americas, a closed land that has a fantastic lake embraced by green mountains, what a view! Which no matter how good you are, there is no way that you can describe it by word. Just admire it as it was born to be.
 Tuyet Tinh Coc view from a Am Tien corner
Tuyet Tinh Coc view from a Am Tien corner
 Wedding photo in Tuyet Tinh Coc
Tuyet Tinh Coc in a wedding photo
Promise this majestic landscape with the high mountains and the lush green lake that stretches your eyes will stay in your mind for a long long time.

3. Last stop: Mua Cave

Out of those Ninh Binh destinations, Mua Cave deserves to be counted as one. Known as Viet Nam Great Wall, with the majestic view on the edge, poetic features of the rice field, this is the best place in Ninh Binh to take an overview picture or just a selfie would be a proof that your friends would be jealous about.
 Mua cave entrance path
Mua cave entrance path
 Selfie at Mua cave
Selfie at Mua cave
I strongly believe that this little excursion would release your stress to be ready for a whole new dynamic week ahead.
If you are still don’t know how to make it happen, or too busy to plan a trip, then just BOOK A TOUR, the only thing you have to prepare is your personal items for a day and let Vietlandjourney do the rest.
See you later!