Quietly Behold The Perfect Beauty Of Maze Cave In Halong

Located on Lờm Bò island, at the height of 25 meters and about 2 kilometers from Ti-top island, Maze Cave (Hang Mê Cung in Vietnamese) is an interesting destination for visitors to explore when visiting the legend of tourism - Halong.

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mê cung cave

The beauty inside Maze cave

mê cung cave

The most traces found on the gateway of the cave are Melania shells - the only living species of snails in streams. The cave is also divided into many small chambers. Crossing crags, there appears a dry cool and great stone roof and Melina thick snail layer laid on the door area as the background. The layer used to be 1.2 meters thick and semi-fossilized on its surface. Recently, a fossilized animal skeleton has also been found in the cave. According to archaeologists, Maze Cave is considered as one of the relics of the prehistory of Halong in the new stone era that is far from today from 7.000 to 10.000 years.

mê cung cave

Maze Cave belongs to Lan Ha Bay that is protected  as a Heritage - The World Wonder of Ha Long Bay. The cave contains many multi-shaped compartments, large niches together under the stone roof. The cave is higher to the West.

mê cung cave

Moving inside the cave, visitors will feel like they are standing in the palace of the Persian emperor and the murmurs of the water flow feels like the voice of Seshevat telling the story  “thousand days and one night” for her King.

On the island there are many ancient trees mirroring into the water. This is also the place where birds and wild animals  such as monkeys, langurs, chamois… live.

mê cung cave

A beautiful landscape at the gate of the cave

A faint light from far away will lead to the gate of the cave. Moving out of the door, climbing a few sharp jagged crags and then looking down, visitors will see a round and large lake surrounded by mountains. The lake is called Maze Lake that has four-season blue water and the residence of many species such as: fish, shrimp, squid, algae, coral, coral, crab …

mê cung cave

Beside the lake, there is the land of many ancient trees called "royal garden" whose beauty can bewitch anyone losing in this wonderful land.

mê cung cave

Maze cave is not only a geological-ecological area that attracts many scientists but also a wonderful landscape in Halong Bay.

If you have a chance to visit the legend of tourism Halong, do not forget to explore this beautiful cave. For people who have limited time, VIETLAND have some tours that is suitable for you! You can see them HERE.

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