Top 3 Attractive Places Can Not Be Missed When Visit Ha Long

If you have not visited Ha Long, let me tell you about a Ha Long which used to be a legend of tourism. And if you think Ha Long has been out of date, let me tell you about a Ha Long that has put in itself a new coat as a new and potential destination for the youth in the near future.

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Lan Ha Bay - A Romantic Destination Hiding In The Southern Of Ha Long

1.     Bai Chay

The name of Ha Long is very familiar with any child born in the 90-95 years. Back in the 10th and 15th centuries, while Hoi An, Da Nang, Da Lat ... were not the famous places for tourism, Ha Long Bay, a unique bay of Viet Nam became one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is the breathtaking views of the bay made up by more than 1,600 large limestone islands in the emerald waters of Halong Bay witnessing each change in the history of the development of the country in particular and of the Earth in general that used to make Ha Long as a legend of tourism.

bai chay

Bai Chay - Ha Long

Nowadays, along with the development of technology, people always stick with their mobile phones, they usually find new places to check-in, hence, the name “Ha Long” has not been mentioned as much as it was before. If you want to find a traditional place for your family vacation or spend more time with your friends and your lovers, Bai Chay will be the best choice for you. When coming to Bai Chay, no phones are used. There are people swimming, surfing or take a yacht... instead.

bai chay

Everybody is very interested in activities in the beach

Although its name evokes the heat, it can satisfy anyone visiting even the most difficult people or everyone visiting even in the hottest day.

2.    Dragon Park

After immersing yourself in the cool fresh bluish water of Bai Chay, Dragon Park will be the next interesting destination in your trip in Ha Long.

You will not find the extreme heat of the sun like in Bai Chay but the shades of the green trees around the park instead.
Besides, you can try some adventure games to change your mood such as "Long Dragon Speed" - the longest roller coaster in Asia, with the track length up to 1,1km.
long dragon speed
Trying a more "matured" game
dragon park
You also play Rhino Sling - a spin on the giant rhinoceros horn, lifting and falling freely at speeds up to 65km / h.

3.     Quang Ninh museum

The Museum is a unique architectural art. Quang Ninh Museum presents the most complete picture for visitors about nature and people in Ha Long. The first floor is the space of the sea and the nature. The second floor displays historical relics, from prehistory to modern, anti-French and anti-American, Yen Tu spiritual culture space. The museum draws the picture of the past and the present.

Quang Ninh museum

Explore Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh museum

Quang  Ninh museum

Quang Ninh museum

Explore the floors of the museum

Many people when talking about Ha Long simply think it is given so many beautiful scenery that the whole world has to admire. However, once time coming to Halong, you will realize that it has been changing day by day, gradually stepping out of the image that people used to remember about it.
So if you have not visited Ha Long before, why do not you start a trip right now? Let US make your trip more interesting or you can do it yourself only by a CLICK.