Top 3 Most Breathtaking Fishing Villages In Ha Long Bay To Visit In 2021

In 2021 many Ha Long Bay cruises are ready to welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world. Besides stunning beaches and mysterious caves, the peaceful yet breathtaking floating villages are something that really worth visiting too. Take a look at these villages and you will see why.

Vung Vieng floating village, Ha Long Bay

The Vung Vieng floating village really deserves to be one of the top floating villages that worth visiting this 2021. Vung Vieng floating village does not only have magical natural sceneries but also attracts special attention because of its peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Most Ha Long Bay cruises include Vung Vieng fishing village in their itinerary due to its unique charm.

Vung Vieng is a large floating fishing village with a long and stable population in the northeast of Ha Long Bay. Located 1 hour from the mainland by boat from Bai Chay ship port, Vung Vieng is the second largest fishing village on Ha Long Bay after Cua Van fishing village. With unique features in the landscape, customs and travel services, Vung Vieng is increasingly attracting domestic and international tourists with quite new types of tourism - experienced tourism.

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Vung Vieng fishing village has stunning and unique sceneries

Vung Vieng fishing village is a unique aquatic community with about 70 households living along the edge of the rocky islands. They live on solid houses built of wood and floats, lying close together to form a path like on land. For Vung Vieng people, boats are both the means of transportation and the main means of livelihood of fishermen with fishing and aquaculture.

Throughout the years, Vung Vieng has become a place that attracts thousands of visitors every day because of the beautiful, clean and special landscape that still retains the pristine features of a traditional fishing village. It is somewhere that you absolutely cannot miss while visiting Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

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The boat is the main mean of transport in fishing villages of Ha Long Bay

Cua Van fishing village, Ha Long Bay

Cua Van is probably the most impressive fishing village in Ha Long Bay, which is why this is the ideal place to stop by this 2021. This fishing village is made up of bureaucratic houses, tied to each other on the sea, some are based on a cliff, some are located in the middle of the sea. Such unique houses are the living place of the fishermen in Ha Long Bay. Unlike terrestrial life, all activities of the people here are associated with the ocean.

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Cua Van fishing village has an impressive beauty

On the floating water, the houseboats connect together on a small bridge. The boat is both a home and a means of making a living of the people in Ha Long Bay. Many tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the Cua Van fishing village. The people in Cua Van fishing village are extremely hospitable and friendly. Many people have chosen Ha Long Bay cruises with Cua Van village on their itinerary to have the chance of exploring it.

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Cua Van is the most beautiful and famous village in Ha Long Bay

Cua Van fishing village is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists because of its peaceful, quiet scenery but it attracts the curiosity of tourists, especially the Floating Cultural Center - a model of the first floating culture of the people in Ha Long Bay. The place preserves and preserves the cultural values of the fishing village through traditional activities as well as exchange activities between the community and visitors.

Viet Hai fishing village, Ha Long Bay

Viet Hai fishing village is nestled in the middle of the sea, surrounded by high mountains and old forests of Cat Ba National Park, in the island district of Cat Hai, Hai Phong. Very few people come here, but Viet Hai is attracting a lot of foreign tourists. If you are looking for a whole different experience in Ha Long Bay this 2021, Viet Hai fishing village is the place to be.

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The peaceful road leads to Viet Hai village

In the past, Viet Hai fishing village was almost completely separate from the outside world. The forest is deserted and unspoiled, so whenever the roads are flooded during the rainy season, the locals can even swim freely around. Recent Ha Long Bay cruises have found the potential of Viet Hai village and actually found advantages in it.

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Unique beauty in the middle of Ha Long Bay

The people in Viet Hai fishing village live peacefully, they share everything together and create a happy and joyful living environment. It is also thanks to this cultural activity that foreign tourists just come to Viet Hai more and more. In recent years, about tens of thousands of tourists have crossed the long way to come to the village. They all have found a pristine land lying in the middle of the world biosphere reserve and fallen in love with it.

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