Top Attractions Of Halong Cave System

Ha Long bay with its beautiful landscape is not only a legend of tourism in Vietnam but also a priceless natural heritage of the world. When talking about the most interesting destinations making the “masterpiece” Ha Long Bay, its wonderful cave system certainly can not be missed. The caves attract many visitors because of their unique beauty and untold legends. Let start with Vietland to explore these wonderful caves!

1. Thien Cung Cave - The Underneath Paradise Of Ha Long

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One of the most beautiful cave in Ha Long

Lying on Dau Go island (in the Southwest of Halong bay), with the height of about 25 metres, Thien Cung cave is one of the most impressive destinations in Halong Bay. With approximately 10.000 square kilometres and complicated structure, the cave is surrounded by many high cliffs, stalactite blocks and multi-shape stalagmites.

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Wonderful paradise in Halong cave system

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2. Sung Sot Cave - A Magnificent Cave of Halong tourism

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One of the must-go destinations in Ha Long 

Sung Sot Cave is among the greatest and most wonderful caves in Halong Bay. Lying on Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is a beautiful landscape where many unique rocky islands stand together.

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The cave attracts a lot of visitors each year

A long time ago, the geological formation of limestone in this beautiful bay took place approximately 500 million years. The combination of environment, weather, geology and geomorphology has made Sung Sot cave a high biodiversity with various stunning landscapes including green forests, beautiful islands and majestic caves.

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3. Kim Quy Grotto - The Grotto Of Legend In Ha Long Bay

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A mysterious cave in Ha Long

With the length of 100 meters and the depth of 5 meters to 10 meters, lying on the opposite side of Dam Bac islet and in front of Soi Sim islet, Kim Quy grotto has created itself a colorful and unique picture of beautiful nature. Its appearance is the highlight of cave system in Halong Bay.

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A colorful picture of Kim Quy grotto

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4. Maze Cave - the perfect beauty in the heart of Halong Bay

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Exploring Me Cung cave will be an unforgettable experience

Located on Lờm Bò island, at the height of 25 meters and about 2 kilometers from Ti-top island, Maze Cave (Hang Mê Cung in Vietnamese) is an interesting destination for visitors to explore when visiting the legend of tourism - Halong.

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One of the most beautiful maze in Ha Long

The most traces found on the gateway of the cave are Melania shells - the only living species of snails in streams. The cave is also divided into many small chambers. Crossing crags, there appears a dry cool and great stone roof and Melina thick snail layer laid on the door area as the background. The layer used to be 1.2 meters thick and semi-fossilized on its surface. Recently, a fossilized animal skeleton has also been found in the cave. According to archaeologists, Maze Cave is considered as one of the relics of the prehistory of Halong in the new stone era that is far from today from 7.000 to 10.000 years.

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5. Trinh Nu Cave - Trong Cave, an everlasting love Story in Halong Bay

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The cave of love

Halong is well-known for its many beautiful caves and various stone islands with unique shapes and sizes. Besides, the legend of tourism is also famous for its mystical legends especially the touching love story attaching with Trinh Nu cave and Trong cave about 15 kilometers to the South of Halong bay.

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Wonderful scenery in the cave

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Virgin cave is far from Tuan Chau international tourism harbor 16 kilometers with a unique beauty and the tragic life of a beautiful girl that is still remained in the cave.

6. Ho Dong Tien - The unique beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay

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The spotlight of Halong tourism

When visiting Halong, you will be surprised by many beautiful caves in which Fairy Cave Lake (Hồ Động Tiên in Vietnamese) shines as a “spotlight” in Halong tourism.

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Memorable experience in Ho Dong Tien

Ho Dong Tien is among one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. Because of its special values relating to geology, geomorphology and history of Ha Long Bay, this unique cave is only used for researchers and environmental education classes (in Ecoboat project).

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7.Tam Cung Cave - The beautiful paradise in Halong Bay

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Beautiful Tam Cung cave

Tam Cung cave is located on May Den island - a pristine island with lush tropical forests and beetling cliffs. Not only being endowed with the ideal position right in the heart of Halong bay and the Northeast of Sung Sot cave, Tam Cung cave is also favored by the nature with great area and three beautiful departments owning many naturally unique stalactites.

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One of the most attractive destination in Halong tourism

Although Tam Cung cave is not as large as many other caves in Halong Bay, it still attracts millions of tourists each year thank to its graceful, pristine and flexible beauty of stalactites. Having a trip to this impressive cave, visitors will certainly overwhelmed by the highlight in the heart of Halong.

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8. Luon Cave - one of the most unique caves in Halong Bay

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The most unique cave in Halong Bay

The name of the cave is derived from its closed mountain arch shape. Luon cave lies on the Northeast of Bo Hon island, about 1 kilometers from Sung Sot cave. It connects the sea with a closed round pond inside mountains. The cave lengthens 60 meters and its height is from 2.5 meters to 4 meters depending on the tides. On the right side of the cave is Heaven's Gate (or Cổng Trời in Vietnamese) and the Turtle Island is in front of Luon Cave.

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The beautiful picture of Luon Cave

Through many years, Luon cave still stands here with a proud posture and quietly watches changes of Halong Bay.

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9. Dau Go Cave - A brave child of Halong Bay

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One of the most famous cave in Halong

Dau Go cave is not only a beautiful place but also remains a part of heroic history of the country. Coming to the cave, beyond admiring the beauty of the landscape, visitors will have chances to review the famous victories on Bach Dang river and interesting mysteries relating to the cave.

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A small part of the cave

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10.Bo Nau Cave - A perfect gift from nature

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The natural beauty of Bo Nau cave

Bo Nau cave belongs to Halong Bay, about 15 kilometers from Bai Chay and in the Northwest of  Bo Hon island. Bo Nau cave is also a part of tourism complex such as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Titop island and Trong cave. However, luckily, the cave still keeps its own natural beauty because of not being invested for tourism so much.

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Wonderful stalactites make an impressive cave

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11. Hanh Cave - The longest cave in Halong Bay

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The journey exploring the longest cave in Ha Long

Hanh cave lies on the foot of Quang Hanh mountain, about 20 kilometers from Bai Chay, Ha Long. The cave stretches from Quang Hanh mountain to the sea with the length of 1300 meters. Because of its special length, the cave is called Le Tunel by French people.

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A wonderful paradise inside Hanh cave

Hanh cave is the most beautiful cave of Halong tourism. Although it is a wonderful cave, it still remains many mysteries that only attract people loving adventuring and exploring new mysterious land.

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Here are the most interesting destinations in Halong Bay that Vietland have carefully chosen to introduce you. In order to explore all destinations in Halong, you will need at least three or four days. If you do not have enough time for visiting Halong, let Vietland make you the suitable schedule so that you will experience every part of Halong.

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