Trinh Nu Cave - Trong Cave, An Everlasting Love Story In Halong Bay

Halong is well-known for its many beautiful caves and various stone islands with unique shapes and sizes. Besides, the legend of tourism is also famous for its mystical legends especially the touching love story attaching with Trinh Nu cave and Trong cave about 15 kilometers to the South of Halong bay.
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Virgin cave and Trong cave - the legend of a touchy love story

Trinh nữ cave

For a long time, there still remains a mystical legend about Virgin cave (Hang Trinh Nữ in Vietnamese) that there used to be a very beautiful girl in a fishing village of Halong. Because of the poverty, she had to work for a landlord in her hometown. Fascinated with her beauty, the landlord forced her parents to take her as his second wife. The girl completely refused because of her oath of thousand-year stick with her lover - a fisherman who was going to the sea to earn money for their marriage.

After failing to compel the beautiful girl, the landlord exiled her to an uninhabited island where she petrified in a horrible rainy night. The place where the girl petrified is call Virgin cave (Hang Trinh Nữ in Vietnamese) nowadays. If coming inside the cave, visitors will see a stone statue of a woman taking off her hair, looking far away to wait for her lover.

That night, the man found her unstoppably. In this horrible night, his boat was completely broken and he was drifted to an uninhabited island. In the leven, he suddenly realized the girl waving. He tried to call out but his voice was blown away. The man used stones to hit the cliffs to tell her that he had come. He continued until his last breath and petrified as well. The cave where he petrified is called Trong cave or Male cave (Hòn Trống in Vietnamese) now, about 700 to 800 meters from Virgin cave to the opposite side. At the entrance of the cave still stands a statue of the petrified man facing to Virgin cave.

Virgin cave - Trong cave, the “spotlight” in Halong tourism

trinh nữ cave

Virgin cave is far from Tuan Chau international tourism harbor 16 kilometers with a unique beauty and the tragic life of a beautiful girl that is still remained in the cave.

hang trinh nữ

About 700 to 800 meters to the northwest of Virgin cave there stands Trong cave. The cave has two connected gates through two cliffs tin the east-west direction. The eastern entrance is near the edge of the sea water and large as cochleae. In this entrance, from the ceiling of the cave, there are many beams of white silver stalactite looking like beautiful orchid beams.

hang trinh nữ

Crossing a winding path through the natural stones,  visitors can move inside the blue purple, discreet and elegant cave. In the western entrance of the cave, you will be surprised with a natural stalagmite looking like a beautiful girl watching the beautiful landscapes.

du lịch hạ long

hòn trống

Visiting Halong without exploring Trinh Nu Cave and Trong Cave as well as hearing the story about the legendary love from the local people will be a pity.

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