Visiting Dau Go Cave - A Brave Child Of Halong Bay

Dau Go cave is one of the most outstanding caves in Halong cave system. The cave not only attract many tourists by its beauty inherited from his mother (Mother of nature) but also because of its enormous contributions in the work of protecting the country of our people, especially the victory on Bach Dang river. Let’s start right now to explore this beautiful cave!

The origin of the name “Dau Go”

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According to many materials about Halong tourism, there are three main reasons for the name “Dau Go” as following:
The root of the name “Dau Go” is supposed to be related to the historical victory of Ngo Quyen in Bach Dang river. The cave is said to be a shelter in which Ngo Quyen and his soldiers made wooden pointed piles covered with iron to ambush the enemies on the river.  After that, the cave also used to be a close factory to produce many ironwood piles for the battles against Mongolian enemies of Tran Hung Dao on Bach Dang river.
The second legend about Dau Go cave is attached with the arch shape of Dau Go island that created a windproof space in front of the cave for fishermen to stay in the stormy days or fix their boats after their long journeys on the sea. After fixing their boats, they left many pieces of wood. The name of the cave may be born from this event.
The last legend about Dau Go cave is told that Dau Go island from a far distance looks like a giant wooden trumps. Hence, Dau Go cave was named after Dau Go island.

Some outstanding historical information about Dau Go Cave

In 1918, King Khai Dinh on his visit to Halong Bay came to Dau Go cave. Overwhelmed by the wonderful beauty of the cave, the King made a poem to complement the outstanding beauty of the Bay and the Cave. The stele on which Khai Dinh’s poem was carved still stands on the left of the entrance of the cave.
In October, 1957, on the way to Hong Quang, Uncle Ho also visited Halong Bay and Dau Go cave. Standing in the cave, He said that anyone who wanted to admire the whole beauty of the cave had to visit it at least once time in their life because a person’s tongue could not well describe that beautiful scene.

Interesting information about Dau Go cave

As being described in many travel materials, Dau Go cave stretches about 5000 square meters in width. Its entrance owns 17 meters in width and 12 meters in height.
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Dau Go cave has the same tectonic age as Thien Cung cave that has been formed since Pleistocene time, about 2 million years ago from today.
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Dau Go cave is a magnificent, ancient and peaceful cave with many super high stone pillars and stalagmites looking like trying to reach its ceiling.
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Especially, the giant entrance of the cave always ensure high humidity, a great amount of sunlight and favorable conditions for the development of flora such as ferns, mosses and woody plants… inside the cave. This is a unique characteristic that makes Dau Go different from many other caves in Halong Bay.
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The total structure of the cave contains three main compartments. The first arch-shaped and fully bright compartment appears as a giant picture describing natural scenery beautified by a forest of unique stalagmites and stalactites. They lead visitors to the imagination of eating elephants, sleeping lions, or swimming turtles…
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Through the first compartment, passing a narrow door, visitors will see the second part of the cave. The fanciful light shining through the rocks’ gaps paints a shimmering and mysterious  picture of dim beams of flower and stone islands undulating on the water…
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The cave gets larger in the final part with millions of multi-shaped stalactites and stalagmites on the ceiling and giant stone pillars on the ground.
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At the end of the cave, visitors will see a fairy well that is full of fresh water during the year.
Dau Go cave is not only a beautiful place but also remains a part of heroic history of the country. Coming to the cave, beyond admiring the beauty of the landscape, visitors will have chances to review the famous victories on Bach Dang river and interesting mysteries relating to the cave.
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