Visiting Titop Island - A Pearl In The Heart Of Halong Wonder

Honorably named by Uncle Ho on his visit to Quang Ninh, Titop island is one of the places reminding the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union (Russia today).  Everyday, Titop welcomes thousands of visitors. The "Pearl" of the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union is shining and becoming an attractive destination in the heart of the World Heritage - Ha Long Bay.

In order to come to this beautiful island, tourists will have to travel by ships or yachts for 7 to 8 kilometers from Bai Chay port. The best choice is to book a yacht for an unforgettable night cruise on this wonderful destination.


A light pearl of Halong Bay

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During your journey in Titop island, you are certainly overwhelmed by the majestic nature and beautiful scenery of Halong wonder from the deck of your yacht. Feeling the cool breeze blowing from the sea will make you more excited and curious about the island.


Titop beach is likely the moon embracing the foot of the island

This island is loved by its four-season blue water, white sandy beach stretching to the heaven. Putting your eyes in the blue fresh water, without a binocular, you can easily realize the herds of small fish crazily swimming, colorful coral reef gradually appearing.


Super fresh air and water is a plus of the beautiful island

Most of visitors coming to Titop island to bathe and immerse themselves in the blue sea. Besides, there are also many other interesting services for tourists such as watercrafts, flying parachutes.


The picture of crowded Titop island in tourism season

Besides having relaxing moments in the cool fresh water, visitors can view the whole beautiful island from the mountain. The picture of Titop island from the high distance is completely different from watching on a yacht in the bay.

Hotels in Halong Bay

The special thing about Titop island that not everyone knows is its name. The island was named after the Soviet astronaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov by Uncle Ho on their visit to the island on 22th November, 1962.


A beautiful pure Titop in the heart of the world wonder

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