15 Things You Should Never Do In Bangkok

Thailand truly is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations and a must-visit for any budding travellers. Also, the capital of Thailand is an overwhelming travel destination which is busy, intense and exciting. To have a wonderful trip without face complications in the country, you should remember our advice below: 

1. With souvenirs like a small statue of Buddha, visitors absolutely do not put together with bag for clothes because it is a lack of respect for Buddhism. And you are not allowed to climb, cling to the Buddha statue when visiting.

2. Avoid wearing three holes shirt, short or short skirts when you visit temples. If you wear uncovered shoulders one, use a scarf to make your shoulder hide, and pay attention not to enter unpermitted areas. 

3. Don’t step on any coin that has the King’s face on it—you could face anywhere between 3-15 years in prison for doing so. In addition, you shouldn’t touch or ridicule any pictures you see of the King anywhere around the city, and speak badly of him or his family is forbidden. 

4. On taking a taxi, bargaining a flat rate with a taxi driver is avoidance. It’s a surefire way to get an inflated price.

5. Don’t take photos of locals without asking them first. Getting photos without permission is considered as impolite in Bangkok.

6. Travelling around city center, you’ll sometimes see elephants brought into the city, parading through the tourist areas, in an attempt to get tourists to pay for food to feed them. Don’t do it! This is just funding the mistreatment of elephants, a recurrent problem in Thailand.

7. If you are near the Buddha statue or just a Buddha image, do not cuddle, kiss or something like that because it is considered disrespectful to Buddhism.

8. Do not smoke in public area or without permission. Look for a space or designated area for smoking, if not, you may be fined for not obeying the law.

9. Don’t be so trusting of people who approach you with recommendations on where to shop—they’ll likely tell you only of the shops where they’re on commission and where prices are higher for foreigners.

10. When you get on the taxi in Bangkok in particular and Thailand in general, make sure that taxi's meter is set to avoid being paid too much money. 

11. Do not forget to bring insect repellent and skin medicine especially on your trip to Bangkok in rainy season.

12. The unmissable sites in Bangkok are the Grand Palace and the Wat Pho which are giant buddha statue in the temple is one of the most impressive cultural features of Thailand. This statue is 15 meters high, 46 meters long and as big as a building. If you want to shop, Chatuchak Weekend Market or Siam Square are advice for you. 

13. Don’t pay for a cruise on the Chao Praya River. Instead, take the public water transport (also known as “water buses”), which goes the same route, to save money

14. To experience and explore the diversity of Thai culture, spend time in Silom. This place is the largest population of Thailand compared to other districts and you can completely learn more about cuisine and culture of the country.

15. Ask shop owners or residents before catching a taxi is also the useful way to prevent troubles. If you do not know Thai, they can help you by writing a hotel address for the driver. Or you can ask local people for the prestige car service.

Please well note with our sharing to have an exciting trip to Thailand and Bangkok. 

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