Chivy The Envy In Your Mind About The Other’s Trip

Someday I found a new beautiful Instagram account which have millions views and somehow, I feel jealous for no reason, it even gets worst if they are on a aboard trip, which I have dreamed for many years.

Chivy the envy in your mind about the other's trip

The part that is hiding deep inside you - envy

I had been overwhelmed right after I saw his/her feed by how beautiful the pictures were. The lighting, the composition, the colors, all of them are creating a perfectly curated feed. Put aside the aspect of the owner’s beauty - their hair, their look, their style, their work, their friends in their pictures is cool as well. Why can't I have these exciting picture that great? Why don't I look as great as them while I travel the world? Why am I not that talented?
jealous of the trip of friends
Jealous of the trip of friends
Jealous of the trip of friends
I'm usually be attracted by the amazing travel photos that I see on Instagram, but after a rough day, sometimes my envy becomes unhealthy and I begin to ask myself why I can't be as amazing as what I see when I scroll through my feed. I'm sure that the common feeling we all at least have once. And for a moment, we let ourselves dip into that negative feeling. 
We all at least wanna break something while jealous
We all at least wanna break something while jealous
But, lately, I saw some post of who I was though is having a perfect life reveals the myth that her life is not perfect, despite what it may seem on Instagram. The traveler, who globe trots with her equally Insta-famous husband, wrote...
 Chivy the envy in your mind about the other's trip
Via @hilvees
"I've said it before but I'll just remind whoever still thinks we travel 365 days a year, have a perfect life with a perfect marriage and only good, exciting days filled with adventure and nice things...we have bad days like everyone else, boring days, we work/study like everyone else, we daily need God's grace in our marriage and I don't always look like this hahah. We are average people with ups and downs just like you ;)"
jealousy is negative
Jealousy is negative
I really appreciated her honesty and decided to keep that in mind whenever the negative questions start to approach my little head.
There is only one thing that you need to remember is nothing is as perfect as it looks from outside, or should I say: “nothing is perfect”?
No one were born to be perfect
No one were born to be perfect
Try to save the energy that you spend in the comparison with the people around you, even the people that you don’t even know, or the one you admire and take inspiration from because their success does not diminish or define yours. The thing that is matter for your life, which create your own identity is how you chasing your dreams and working hard at what you've set out to do. Just remember these words and try your best.
a warning for your envy
When you are envy, just stop being envious and chasing for your dream
Down the road, that should be what makes you truly happy, regardless of whether you share that on social media or not.
For myself individually, the ones I saw in social media last night will definitely not be the last that effects my feeling with both inspiration and envy. But I understand that with all the amazing content creators out there, it's bound to happen to all of us time to time. And that part is great, because with a healthy perspective, it will strengthen your dream, your passion to follow your target harder.
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