Five Unique Places In Ha Long For A Memorable Wedding Album

Many couples wonder: “Where will we have a beautiful wedding album?”. Don’t worry about that. Today, Vietland will tell you list of the most wonderful destinations in Ha Long for an unique and memorable album.

Ha Long is considered as the miniature of Vietnam, owning sea, islands, hills, mountains and even land borders. Ha Long is always a Ffavorite place for tourists from all over the world.


1. Van Don

Van Don is a must-go place for couples to find the best place to take photos. The majestic beauty of the scenery or the long sandy beach… are the main inspirations for a romantic wedding album.

The most outstanding place in Van Don is Van Don bridge with the pristine beauty. Believe me, the place certainly will be out of your expectation.


Taking wedding photos in Van Don

2. Bai Chay

Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, to the coast of Ha Long Bay which attracts a huge crowd of beachgoers over the year especially summertime. Bai Chay Beach has a 100-metre-long sandbank that is always crowded with thousands of people from early morning to late afternoon. From Bai Chay Beach, you  can see the whole view of Bai Chay Bridge, the favourite site for young people to take memorable photos. 

The image of Bai Chay beach with white, long sand, blue sea, is also an must-visit-place if you intend to have a wonderful wedding album in Quang Ninh. The beach will surely make your wedding picture be impressive. Beside photos, you can also join interesting activities and a lot of entertainment to relax after a long day on the beach.

3. Quan Lan

Being famous for the beautiful beach with the cool calm sea, QuanLan is really an ideal place for an unforgettable wedding album.


Masterpiece from QuanLan

4. Ha Long Bay

There is no doubt that Ha Long is a suitable destination for couples. Its romantic beaches, long sandy road, blue sea with strong tide will make your wedding album unique than ever before.

Bai Chay is considered as the most beautiful paradise for you and your lover to immerse in.

5. Tuan Chau

Tuan Chau is one of the most beautiful places to take photos in Ha Long. The fanciful, romantic and a little bit modern beauty of Tuan Chau attracts a lot of couples to this wonderful land.


Beautiful wedding photo in Tuan Chau

6. BaiTho mountain

If you want to have a unique wedding album, you shouldn’t miss BaiTho mountain in Ha Long - one of the most “expensive” destinations of Halong tourism. The destination is considered as “the telescope of Halong Bay”. Taking photos on the mountain surely satisfies you.


Beautiful wedding album on the top of Bai Tho mountain

7. Yen Trung Lake, Uong Bi

Located in the national road 18A connecting Hanoi with Ha Long, about 5 km from Uong Bi city’ Yen Tu heritage site, Yen Trung Lake has a primitive idyllic beauty with green pines forest next to wandering roads, large freshwater lake that easily attracted tourists who get here. 

The pine forest embraces the lake, cover the whole scene and shadow into the clean, tranquil water, combine with the peaceful atmosphere, all of them will create the most sparkling wedding photos and impress you when you arrive here.

8. Co To Island 

Known as The Green Pearl of Quang Ninh, Co To is one of the most tourist attractions of this place. The Island owns pristine and tranquil beach with blue, clean sea, white smooth sand, and pure atmosphere. Anyone who has been to this place can not forget the feeling  when being immersed in the water of Hong Van beach, Van Tal beach and Van Chay beach.

The view from Co To Island 

The number of visitors to Co To increase through the year since it has been reconstruct and developed. Walking around the island, you will definitely be supprised with experiences you get, not only activities, but also landscape and variuous of animals you see on the way. Couples, especially the brides and grooms certainly can not ignore the majestic view to take an impressive photos here.

9. Queen Cable Car and Sun Wheel

From its first release, the Queen Cable Car and the Sun Wheel are considered as unique and special site that attracts many tourists through the year.

The cable system achieved two world records: the largest cabin in the world with 230 people per cabin and the cable with the highest pilaster.

With an impressive height, up to 215m over sea level and has 64 cabins, the Sun Wheel is one of the largest rotation in Vietnam.

A shot near Sun Wheel Halong

Choosing this place to take wedding photos here, couples will certainly have the magnificent and fascinated shots with combination of natural landscape and modern city. This is a hot site for young couples who want to have a wedding album in Western style.

10. Minh Chau Island

Belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay, Minh Chau Beach is 230 km away from Hanoi and 15 km from Quan Lan Beach, it now becomes the favourite site for thousands flock every year especially couples who enjoy their honeymoon and capture truly amazing wedding photos. The beauty of the beach resembles the famous Snow White on Minh Chau Beach by pristine white non-sticky sand that gives a comfortable sensation walking on. Additionally, join in beach activities, go camping, explore the island, look for rare sea animals and immerse the body in to fresh water contribute to the reason why a lot of people choose Minh Chau to have the memorable wedding shots. 

Vietland Journey hope that the information we provide above will be useful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know, our team are always help you take the best place to have the wedding album.