Getting From Hanoi To Halong Bay

Halong Bay, in the Gulf of Tonkin, is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a must-see destination on a trip to Vietnam. With some 1,600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars, together with significant scientific importance and geological beauty, the Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site.

In this blog, we will show you some popular way to get Halong bay, departure from Hanoi

1. Coach

The cheapest way to get from Hanoi to Halong is on a coach. Just like anywhere else in the world, coach is cheap and a common transportation to go far. This option allows you to learn more about the daily life of Vietnamese people. Beside the common and price, like other public transport in Vietnam, coach also has many disadvantages that make foreign visitors don't want to choose this transportation as the way to Halong.

  • Catch a coach in: Luong Yen Bus Station, My Dinh Bus Station or Gia Lam Bus Station.
  • Arrival point:  Bai Chay Bus Station, Ha Long City.
  • Ticket price: fluctuates between 100,000 VND to 130,000 VND. 
  • The main route: Ha Noi - Hai Duong - Hai Phong - Bai Chay (Ha Long).
  • Travel time: 4 hour

Coach is one of common transportation to Halong

Traveling by coach is a unique way to experience local culture. However, foreign tourists may find it difficult to fully understand the customs on a Vietnamese coach or ask driver for information. For visitors who only have one day, this is not the best option. For those who have a time to schedule, this means of transport is nothing to be disturbed about when choosing one of the right choice to get a perfect trip to Halong. .

2. Bus

Contrary to coach, bus offers a better convenience and comfort. These buses are operated by travel companies, they focus on meeting the demands of foreign visitors.

Tour operators will provide shuttle bus for passengers who book their tour package. This is easier way to travel and save time to choose a transportation.

The bus route starts from the Old Quarter - central Hanoi. Visitors can easily take a taxi to the departure point. The suggestion high quality bus companies is Hoang Long Express. that has lots of bus depart within the day. Every 15 minutes has a bus line from Kim Ma bus station on Nguyen Thai Hoc street.

This way is easier for small group of travelers. The travel time from Hanoi to Halong is about 4 hours, similar as a coach.

3. Motorbike 

For those who desire to get strange feeling, motorcycles can be a good choice.

Yet, you should think carefully before use this kind of transport due to 2 reason: 

Just like a coach or a bus, traveling from Hanoi to Ha Long by motorbike will take more than four hours and can make travelers tired throughout the journey.

For amateur drivers, traveling by motorbike on this route is very dangerous. Make sure you understand the route and are ready to confront the risks.

4. Train 

This is common choice for Vietnamese people rather than  foreigners. The train offers passengers the opportunity to watch the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. However,travel time to Halong lasts 7 hours, this is often not the right choice for visitors.

From the train station, visitors have to  take time and money to move to the city center. In addition, you  also need to wake up earlier in case you want to enjoy a full day in Halong. Don't forget to be on time to avoid being miss the train. 

The train offers visitors two options, including "soft chairs" with air conditioning and "hard chairs" at different prices, unfortunately, the train from Hanoi to Halong only have hard seats.

For some visitors, getting a train is a great opportunity to understand the life of Vietnamese people. If you want to try the feeling on Vietnamese train, just book a ticket and enjoy it. 

5. Helicopter

Helicopter to Halong form Hanoi

Another amazing transportation that tourists can use to move from Hanoi to Halong is on helicopter. Quick and thrilling is the feeling of visitors sitting 45 minutes on the helicopter and watching whole scene of Halong Bay below.

Departure from Gia Lam Airport - a small airport of the military, with capacity of 7 people including pilot and passengers, helicopter is suitable for small groups. Many companies combine this service into a tour for passengers to travel to Halong Bay or return to Hanoi at a lower price than hiring a private helicopter by thousands of dollars.

Despite the relatively high cost of service, helicopter passengers may still have potential dangers. This is definitely a great option if you have a good financial ability, but now, helicopters are not the preferred choice for many travelers.

6. Taxi/Car Rental

This is an easy way to transfer Halong from Hanoi, travel time is about 4 hours. Renting a taxi or car will bring you more private space, therefore, it is a favourite for a lot of travellers.

A car rental is also suitable for families a group of friends who want to have a comfortabe atmosphere and opportunity to freely chat with each other without worrying about their surroundings. Most hotels provide shuttle service by car, including transfer to airport.

For more exploration and independence, you can rent a car and experience the scenery of Vietnam by yourself. The price for renting a car is about 1,500,000 - 2,200,000 VND.

Vietland Journey hope that these tips will be useful for you. If you have any question, please let us know HERE. We also have many promotional tours for you, you can see more in: Cheap tours to Ha Long. Wish you the best holiday!