Hanoi’s Walking Street Will Be The Venue For Mid-Autumn Carnival “Downtown In The Full Moon Night”

Another Mid-Autumn is coming with a series of amusing activities meant for children, especially Mid-Autumn Carnival 2018 takes place in the upcoming 23/9.

The Mid - Autumn main even in  Ha Noi

The Mid-Autumn Carnival with the name "downtown in the full moon night" will take place at the Ly Thai To Flower Garden, the center of the walking street, at 20h10 on September 23 by the Vietnam Television in cooperation with the Hanoi People's Committee and Orient Corporation.
Hanoi’s walking street will be the venue for Mid-Autumn Carnival “Downtown in the full moon night”
The full moon festival is the festival for children

What does the full moon festival' activities include?

This is not only a celebration of the full moon festival in August but also promises to be a colorful party like music, comedy, circus and dance with the participation of famous names such as artist Xuan Bac, artist Tu Long, singer Iassac, Ai Phuong, Thang Long Puppet Theater, Vietnam circus and children's clubs.
Hanoi’s walking street will be the venue for Mid-Autumn Carnival “Downtown in the full moon night”
Enjoy the happy moment around your family in the Mid-autumn festival

Where will the full moon festival of Ha Noi take place?

According to the simulation of the Organizing Committee, the Hoan Kiem Lake will be the place to recreate the colorful lantern road and giant star ever so far. This would be a great background for check-in photos for families, visitors here. Not only so, but the Organizing Committee also program for the procession of lanterns, dragon dance, Unicorn dance through the streets which are really jubilant and loud.

The well-known hosts

The program will be hosted by two experienced comedians Xuan Bac - Tu Long who are responsible to hold the heat in the role of Cuoi and Bom. In addition, singer Ai Phuong will take on the role of beautiful Ms. Hang with the task of supporting the two teams is Cuoi vs. Bom to win the slot to welcome the full moon night with her
Hanoi’s walking street will be the venue for Mid-Autumn Carnival “Downtown in the full moon night”
Xuan Bac and Tu Long is hosts of the show

How is the full moon festival feature?

The program also invested more in terms of visuals when continuously creating fairy characters, animators, even superheroes, ... appeared in the major activities of the Carnival, walking the moonlight with hundreds of Young children of different ages were present at the walking street that day.
With a fun, colorful street carnival, this is expected to be a meaningful community activity for the people of the capital and a special mark in the hearts of tourists during the Mid-Autumn Carnival 2018.
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