Hope You Don’t Forget These When Traveling To Ha Long Bay

About to have the very first trip to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam? Vietland Journey is honored to accompany you and give you a little bit of advice. Sure that it will help you throughout your journey here in the World Natural Heritage of Vietnam.

What to bring when going to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam?

This is, by far, maybe one of the most asked questions by foreign travelers. They are not used to the weather or the conditions in Vietnam, so preparing the luggage sometimes can be tiring. Vietland Journey is here to help.

Travelers should not carry too many pieces of stuff o Ha Long Bay. You should wear appropriate seasonal costumes, plus a pair of comfortable walking shoes because in Ha Long visitors need to walk quite a lot. Tourists should also store personal belongings and papers carefully because, in crowded places, theft and pickpockets are common.

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Prepare enough necessary items for your Ha Long Bay

If you are traveling with young children, you should bring some dry food like bread and water to eat after swimming in the ocean. In addition, you should also bring towels and swimming goggles, sunscreen to protect the skin, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses to protect eyes from bright sunlight. Also, you should bring eye drops, cotton swabs, shower gel, shampoo and some skincare products if needed.

Ha Long Bay travel

Ha Long Bay will make the most wonderful place to have a holiday

Remember these when swimming at Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is famous for astonishing beaches with clear and breathtaking water, so swimming is a must. However, in order to protect your health, there is something you should remember as well.

Before going to the ocean to swim, you should consult and find out which beach is safe to avoid the risk of sand, jellyfish, sharp rocks... You should not swim too far from the shore or deep spots. The easiest way is to keep an eye on the swimming limit flags that most seas have or pay attention to those around them. Always be alert for sand drops and the waves that can take you offshore.

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The beaches at Ha Long Bay are stunning and great for swimming

Do not swim too deeply into the ocean when it is sunny in the middle of the afternoon. Do not carry watches, jewelry, especially necklaces, to prevent the wave from slipping them off you. When a group goes to the beach, it is advisable to split the group for easy management. When playing games such as speedboat, surfing, parachute, kayaking, scuba diving... you need to comply with the safety requirements set by the tour guide. Do not go away from a safe area, avoid obstacles on the sea from afar.

How about booking a Ha Long tour?

When coming to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam around June and July, visitors should carefully monitor the weather forecast because this is the rainy season in Ha Long. At this time, the price of services decreases.

Visitors should also not rent hotels and motels too far from the locations they intend to visit. Because of this, visitors will spend more time to travel by bus or spend more money to take a taxi.

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Make sure to research well for your Ha Long Bay tour

When buying a tour to visit the Ha Long Bay, most likely a cruise tour, travelers should find out carefully the tour company to avoid buying a poor quality tour. There have been cases of domestic and foreign tourists being tricked into buying tours unlike advertisements, the quality is very bad.

You can always come to Vietland Journey to find out which cruise is the best for your preference and budget. We will make sure you have the exact relaxing vacation you need, all the while going well with your payment.

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Vietland Journey will help you choose the best cruise tour in Ha Long Bay

What can you do in Ha Long Bay?

Currently, tourism activities on Ha Long Bay include visiting rocky islands, caves, historical and cultural relics, swimming and more. Traveling by a luxurious cruise on the bay, you will be able to see hundreds of marvelous rocky islands. The ship will stop by some islands for you to visit some beautiful caves such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Drum cave, or stop at some sandy beaches in the immense sea to rest.

Ha Long Bay travel

There are many things for you to do in Ha Long Bay

During the visit to the bay, visitors should pay close attention to avoid overlooking the unique islands and beautiful natural scenery. In places with beautiful views, guests can request a slow train to take photos and see the scenery. Visitors should not stand on the bow and railing to avoid falling, ensuring safety.

Ready to experience the wonder of Vietnam named Ha Long Bay? Let Vietland Journey help you right away, and you will be pleased. We wish you a good day and hope to see you in Vietnam really soon.