How To Get A Vietnamese Visa On Arrival For Foreigners?

Vietnam has become a very attractive destination for foreigners recently. The year 2017 is considered as the most successful year of Vietnamese tourism when the country has reached top 5 countries in the world attracting the most tourists. To continue developing  tourism and helping foreigners come to Vietnam more easily, Vietland Journey will give you detailed information to get a Vietnamese Visa on arrival.

General rules to be noted:

- A foreigner who want to enter Vietnam must have a passport or other papers replacing passport and a Visa issued by a competent Vietnamese state agency.

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Vietnamese visa on arrival

- In case you do not have a visa, you have to follow visa procedures for foreigners entering Vietnam.

- Time for processing a visa for a foreigner is 5 working days.

  • After receiving the written reply, the guarantor or foreigner will get the visa at the Embassy of Vietnam located in the foreigner’s country or the visa issuing agency in Vietnam.

Required profile to make a Vietnamese Visa on arrival

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– A visa application issued by the import-export management agency and a letter of guarantee issued by agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam.

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– The original passport and a copy for comparison.

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– Copies of documents proving the purpose of entering Vietnam.

Where to apply for a profile of Vietnamese visa on arrival.

- After preparing these above documents, you bring them to immigrant agencies in Vietnam or Vietnamese Embassy in foreign countries.

Visa exemptions: are applied for citizens of:

- Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos (Not more than 30 days)

- Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland (Not more than 15 days)

In some countries where you could not get a visa upon arrival, you need to contact Vietnamese Embassy right in your country/region:

- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri lanka, Middle East countries

  • Africa countries such as: Nigeria, Marok, Algerie, South Africa


- The visa is valid once: 45 USD

- The visa is valid for more than once: Within 1 month: 65 USD, within 6 months: 95 USD and from 6 months: 135 USD

- Transition of the value of the visa, temporary residence from an expired value passport to a new one: 15 USD.

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