Sharing - How To Use Your Tourism Budget Probably

To avoid the situation of run out of your estimated budget on the trip, here is some little tips to prepare for your paying intentions.

Estimate your budget

This is a very critical step. Regularly, before going on a trip, you should prepare a plan for the individual category such as transportation, accommodation, eating, drinking, playing, shopping...then plus 10 to 15 percent of it for unpredictable cases.
- Do not bring along too many cash
- Do not make your estimated budget up to 50-100 percent because the more you have, the more you spend (you will need to bring an ATM for necessary cases)
prepare cash and ATM card equal to your estimating
Always prepare cash and ATM card equal to your estimating

Tricks to book a flight and accommodation with the reasonable price

Firstly, you need to know what we are going to talk about here is the reasonable price, which is suitable for your budget, your need, not the cheap one.

1. Airfare:

Mostly will choose the time of day at cool times, such as after the summer, after the holiday. Firstly, I do not want to go out in hot weather due to overcrowding, and the price is not very pleasant.
I will check the tickets on two channels are skycanner and google flights. Then return to the official website of the airline to double check. I will choose to buy tickets at a better price. In case of charges from the online payment, you will use the payment through a 3rd part to avoid the cost difference.

2. Accommodation:

An indispensable part of every trip, and also the most headache because there are too many choices:

Criteria when choosing where to live:
- Clean, white bed sheet, or 1 color. It is best not to have too many flowers.
- Good location to easily move to the place you want. Because no one wants to spend too much time just to drive or taxi. Costly and tired.
- Good review for the host. It is really important. Because the host is irritable, your tour will be ruined.
- Generally, read reviews of foreigners because they often judge quite accurately. Vietnamese have the habit of buying review (I do not say all of them).
- Private toilet. In the case it is a dorm then I don't know.
make a reservation for the worth accomodation
Book a good room which provide all your basic requirement

Ways to get good room rates:

- Google search top 3, top 5, top 10 something related to the criteria you want to choose. For example, I want to go to Da Lat and stay in a homestay with a good view I will search: "Top 5 homestay in Da Lat has the best view"
- Use 3rd party to check rates like Airbnb, Agoda,
- Contact directly to the place to get a good price. In the case of higher prices on the web then go back to the book on the app to get a good price. Normally I would book on the app to have anything happen that also has intermediate units working for themselves. And I book many times, the next time there are always incentives.
- Find good hotel combos and airfare. Usually, only 4.5-star hotels have this program.

3. Reduce your excitement:

Many would argue that travel has to be free to spend. Sorry if you not having to plan for your budget for the trip, this article is not for you. Especially for me, it requires a specific plan along if I want to do anything, if you are excited to spend some money then I will ask again Is it really necessary, and is it still in the initial budget? If it is, suit yourself. Or not.
Go out to increase your knowledge, learn about the history, culture, people, and cuisine. And it's important to enjoy the trip. If you have to repay your credit card after the trip, do not go.

4. Choose the worth eating and playing places


According to his should be local food priority, the specialty of the area, you should search google before, ask more people. Usually, these restaurants eat very well, affordable. For example, going to Ha Long will eat seafood, go to the market to eat something, or gather to sea drinking, or to the same shop but there is always food serving area. You will definitely not go to eat beefsteak at the luxury restaurant at Ha Long.
halong seafood
Halong seafood

Visiting, playing:

- Priority to the site for free sightseeing, if it is charged, I will still buy if it is in the plan because visiting the monuments, museums,...are my major activities.
- If in the same city where the venue has the same characteristics, then choose a place. For example, to go to Da Nang, Ba Na or Asia Park, this question is quite difficult, because Ba Na is three times higher than Asia, but you should also refer to experience as a cable car, Below is a view of one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. ... Such places of entertainment are included in the service, so if you always carry snacks and drinks, According to me, the food on Ba Na just got stuck.
- Find the suitable combo: I take this example for everyone to understand is that at Vinpearl Nha Trang will be played there completely free, shuttle by cable always instead of buying tickets to play more than 800k, in addition, there are also some associated fees, which are quite not very enjoyable.
Hopefully our sharing is helpful for you.