Some Tips To Have A Budget And Safety Summer Holiday

Having an exciting summer vacation is the common desire of everyone. However, not all people know the way to experience all beautiful places and interesting services in the site they visit without spending too much. Continue reading and you will get all tips we want to share.

1. Early bird hotel booking. 

In peak season, out of room and high-rate services in tourist sites is the worries of whom have plan to go on travelling. To get away from these worrisome, besides booking hotel room early, Mai Anh (marketing in Hanoi) often makes use of special offers program from banks. "I have booked a trip in July with 4.2 million dong via Agoda and pay via Maritime Bank Visa travel credit cards then I get 10% discount and a 30% refund. I save more than 1.5 million for hotel room on my 4 days 3 nights trip to Nha Trang", Mai Anh said. 

Book hotel room early is popular choice for those who want to save money for the trip

She added: "This is a promotion program released by Maritime Bank's Travel Joy + and will last until the end of this month. On booking via website on Wednesdays, Maritime Bank Visa's holder will get 10% discount and 30% refund". A small amount (about 30% of the total cost) can be saved for the holiday. 

2. Bring instant food or dry food.

Unlike Duy Minh, Thanh Thao (35 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) reduce eating expenses. According to Thao, to save the cost of meals, she always brings some instant food such as chips, candy, shrimp pasta ...

Thao shared the experience of preparing dry food came from a tour to Malaysia last year, when her family was unfamiliar with the smell of curry - the feature flavour found in Malaysian meals.

"The hotel usually provides 2 bottles of mineral water per day for each room. When our children go out and drink more water than usual, I use hotel's high-speed kettle to boil. On our trip to Singapore for a week, making use of high-speed kettle to boil water also help us to minimize the total expense because water in Singapore hotel is 4 - 5 times as much as in Vietnam." she said.

3. Use public transport 

Public Transport, a kind of cheap transportation 

A tourist told me that when they travel to new places, especially to foreign countries, they usually use public transport such as bus, subway ... to be the main transportation because of convenience and savings. "We usually use EZ-Link card in Singapore; Octopus card in Hong Kong; Easycard in Taiwan, T-money in Korea and Oyster in London to move to every corner of these destinations. Several countries also accept only one card to go on buses, trains, high speed trains and even taxis, I see it really favourable" he shared.

Even traveling from the airport to hotel, a lot of people still prefer using public transport to taxi because of transportation cost (expense for public transport is one-third as much as for taxi). Duy Minh (office worker in Trần Duy Hưng, Hanoi) often choose to walk for short distances of less than 2 km. "If you go on a taxi, you have to spend a small money. So with short distances, my family usually walk, it is also chance to make friend and talk to residents around.

4. Suggestions from local people

Luxury restaurants do not make a perfect holiday, the key and exciting point is the way you explore restaurants that meet demand of "tasty, fresh, healthy and reasonable price". You just need to ask people live at these places which restaurant they usually choose or which one serves good and cheap meals.

"On my summer vacation to Da Nang last year, we had meal at a restaurant near hotel and spend 1 million dong for the meal. The next day, we have asked local people and  they suggested us a seafood store near the fishing village. With the same dishes to the restaurants near our hotel but total is only 500.000 dong"said Thanh Thao. You should hear suggestions from local people to have good service with reasonable price. 

We hope that after reading our sharing, you will have a fantastic summer vacation with reasonable expense. 

Author: Freeland Journey.