The Benefits You Get From Traveling On Ha Long Bay Cruises

Have you ever been to Ha Long Bay - the famous World Natural Heritage of Vietnam? Are you looking for an attractive and memorable trip with your relatives and family? Take a look at some Ha Long Bay cruises tour right now, you will be impressed.

Why is Ha Long Bay an ideal tourist destination?

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, holds important traces in the development of Earth's history and is the residence of the ancient Viet people. So this place is called the great work of mother nature with the presence of many rocky islands with a huge number of dynamic caves and bays. Besides, Ha Long Bay also focuses on biodiversity with a variety of plants and animals, many kinds of fresh seafood for visitors to enjoy. These pieces of evidence are not only certified by domestic tourists but Ha Long has also been a UNESCO world natural heritage site since 1994.

Ha Long Bay cruises

The Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has long been a famous tourists attraction

Ha Long Bay features the most beautiful and unique rock and cave system in the world. Hundreds of stone islands with different shapes create a very lively population such as Dau Nguoi, Lu Huong, La Vong, Canh Buom, Trong Mai, Rong islet, etc. Besides, there also are breathtaking caves associated with many magical legends such as Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Tam Cung cave, Trinh Nu cave, etc. More specifically, each island has a beauty and style that makes visitors want to see all the islands in the Bay.

Ha Long Bay cruises

Ha Long Bay is famous for astonishing beaches

And yet, Ha Long Bay is also famous for cool, refreshing air and beaches with clear blue water. In addition to the islands, this place also owns a beautiful beach with fine white sand, clear blue water and sky with wonderful scenery. It is more a union than the love song that nature offers us.

All in all, coming to Ha Long, you will have the best time ever, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful nature. With Ha Long Bay cruises, your trip will be even better.

Ha Long Bay cruises is a famous form of tourism

Coming to Ha Long Bay, your trip will not be enough if you just wander around and taking pictures, because the most famous thing in Ha Long Bay is cruising. This type of tourism is being welcomed by many travelers from all over the world. Because it brings interesting experiences as well as unforgettable memories. For the past years, Ha Long Bay cruises have always been loved and chosen by tourists.

With many different types of yachts, you can choose whichever one is suitable for you. The cruises in Ha Long Bay are various in sizes, prices, services and quality, but all of them have certain standards and can charm its way into your heart in no time.

Ha Long Bay cruises

There are many different types of cruises in Ha Long Bay

Why must visit Ha Long Bay by joining a cruise tour? That's because this place is famous for the beauty of the sea, big and small islands as well as stunning caves that only by traveling by cruise that you can really explore and fully enjoy the place. Staggering slowly on the sea, the four sides are the majestic scenery of nature will be an extremely memorable and interesting experience that nowhere on land can bring you.

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Ha Long Bay cruises have many interesting services

All types of cruises in Ha Long Bay meet certain standards of a comfortable and luxurious yacht. When booking a tour of a Ha Long Bay cruise, you will enjoy full-service amenities such as spacious, comfortable accommodations, delicious meals by the day, kayaking, travel insurance, etc.

Ha Long Bay cruises

Enjoy lots of interesting activities on Ha Long Bay cruises

When joining a tour on Ha Long Bay cruise, you will be taken to the most popular and stunning tourism sites, as well as enjoying some quality relaxing time on the beach of Ha Long. The staff crew of each cruise will serve you carefully to ensure that you have the most memorable time of your life.

Ha Long Bay cruises

You will surely have a great time at Ha Long Bay

In addition, tours of Ha Long Bay cruises also include many attractive sightseeing programs. Many facilities come with such great prices, why not try to join them right away?

Are you ready to have an exciting, amazing and wonderful time with Ha Long Bay, on the admirable services of the luxurious cruises? Contact Vietland Journey to find the ideal cruise for you, you won’t be disappointed.