Top 8 Entertaining Activities In Viet Nam

I bet that you have been suffered by the problem of “What to do in Vietnam?”. Got a headache because of don’t know what activity that should be written in your plan? So, have you check out our handbook of top 8 most exciting activities that you have to try at least once in Vietnam, which has been approved by many Westerners?

According to the tourist nomination, TripAdvisor has released a list of 25 most visited Asian cities in 2017 on the tourist behalf. However, Vietnam has four cities this list. For your information, TripAdvisor is a travel website headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. It is one of the most popular and most visited websites in the travel industry. In the list of 25 most attractive cities in Asia, Vietnam has 4 representatives, which including a lot of exciting activities with it.

 Viet Nam entertainment

Viet Nam entertainment

  1. Cycling

Throughout Vietnam, you will find places that you can hire bicycles to explore independently during any time at leisure you have in your itinerary. Some hotels offer free bicycle hire or if not, they will be able to recommend a good local hire shop nearby. Remember to always check the condition of the bicycle you are hiring before heading off and if needs be, request for the seat to be adjusted and the tyres to be pumped up! 

  1. Cooking classes

Vietnamese foods have been declared to be on of most interesting aspects of this country, so why don’t we learn to cook the salivating dishes on our own? It is very easy to find a cooking class that taught by the local chefs, especially Hue and Hoi An, they are both great places to do a cookery class. Even many hotels and restaurants now offer either shared or private cookery classes. A couple of schools that that we have experienced, and know to be well run, are:

  • The Red Bridge Cookery School, Hoi An – shared classes in a stylish restaurant next to the Hoi An River.
  • Ms Vy’s Cooking School, Hoi An – create your own Vietnamese street food with an expert chef. Ms Vy’s shared classes used to take place at the Morning Glory Restaurant but are now at her new restaurant ‘The Market’.
  • Ancient Hue Cookery Class, Hue – shared cooking, or vegetable carving, classes take place in the atmospheric grounds of this palatial Vietnamese restaurant which is famous for its imperial cuisine.

Cooking classes via Vietlandjourney 

Cooking classes via Vietlandjourney

  1. Beaches & watersports

Vietnam has about 3500km of coastline and there are many good beaches in central and southern Vietnam, as well as on some of the islands such as Phu Quoc and Con Dao. A wide range of watersports can be arranged locally, including diving. Nha Trang is the traditional home of diving in Vietnam but there are also good diving areas off Con Dao and Phu Quoc islands and also off Cham Island, which is a boat ride away from Hoi An or Danang. Surfing is also growing in popularity in Vietnam – with the coast close to Danang, and Vung Tao, boasting some good surf. Mui Ne is fast becoming a hot spot for kite surfers. 

  1. Evening entertainment

We have also outlined a few suggestions for evening entertainment. Your guide will be on hand to assist with making the any bookings and advising on transportation to the venue.

  1. Water puppets (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City)

Water puppet shows originated in the Red River Delta area surrounding Hanoi and have been performed since the 11th Century. Shows last just under an hour and run several times per day, but they do sell out so ask in advance if you would like this to be booked.

Even that puppet is nothing so nameless nowadays since Southeast Asia is becoming an attractive destination for westerners. But out of all, Hoi An water puppet performance is still has its individual highlight.

Otherwise, Hanoi is the best place to catch a performance of this ancient art of water puppetry, although the water puppet show that takes place at Ho Chi Minh theatre would be a place that you should try out if your tour itinerary is on these 2 cities.

Water puppets via Vietlandjourney

Water puppets via Vietlandjourney

  1. Hanoi Opera

Hanoi’s 100-year old Opera House is something of a landmark in the city, and is located on the southern edge of the Old Quarter in the famous August Revolution Square. Performances of classical music, dance, and opera are held on most evenings – advanced listings can be found at

  1. AO Show (Ho Chi Minh City)

A very impressive mix of dance, acrobatics, and circus held in the Saigon Opera House usually 3 or 4 nights per week – performance days are irregular so it’s worth checking the website in advance – – for exact dates. Performances last around one hour and make an exciting, modern contrast to the water puppet or traditional dance shows. 

  1. Night markets

As with much of Southeast Asia, night markets are a fundamental part of city life and will always be worth a visit. Hanoi’s Dong Xuan Market takes place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday evenings in the heart of the Old Quarter; Dalat has its infamous ‘shouting market’ (vendors are especially boisterous), while Hue has a picturesque market stretching along the banks of the Perfume River. Phu Quoc also has an excellent night market in Duong Dong where you can find cheap souvenirs and excellent street food. 

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