Top Famous Yachts For Perfect Nightlife Cruises In Ha Long Bay

Nightlife cruises in the yachts are becoming an indispensable part of tourism in Ha Long bay today. Not only can visitors take part in many interesting activities such as fishing, cuttle catching and experiencing as fishermen in famous fishing villages of Ha Long but they also can join the romantic space watching the sunset and sunrise with friends or families in Ha Long Bay - a twice time recognized heritage of the world by UNESCO. So, what are the most favorite yachts for an unforgettable trip? Let start exploring with Vietland Journey!

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1. Paradise Luxury yacht (five star standard yacht)

Despite the appearance of an ancient yacht, the Paradise Luxury wood yacht is equipped with many modern furniture that creates the most luxurious yacht in Ha Long bay.

Paradise Luxury

Beautiful yatch in Ha Long

In the yacht, visitors will have a lot of unforgettable experience, join many wonderful and mystery sceneries of Ha Long bay. Cafe and loyal restaurant of Paradise Luxury yacht is a favorite place for relaxing of many visitors.

Paradise Luxury

Spacious and wonderful sundeck

With 17 separate rooms and luxuriously modern yacht design, Paradise Luxury is really the best choice for visitors.

Paradise Luxury

Luxury restaurants in Paradise Luxury yacht

Because of the luxury ranked the top of Paradise Luxury yacht, the cost of service in this yacht is also a concerned topic.  In order to have a cruise in this royal yacht with the most reasonable price, you should take a two-day or three-day cruise with the cost about 157$/person. For more information about the schedule of the cruise, you can see in: 

Paradise Luxury Cruise in Ha Long Bay

2. Paradise Elegance yacht (five star standard yacht)

With a long-standing brand and the quintessence inheritance of the Luxury Paradise wood shell yacht system, the steel shell Paradise Elegance yacht which was born and officially put into operation at the beginning of 2017 is designed as one of the most high standard yachts in Ha Long bay.

Paradise Elegance

Paradise Elegance yacht

The 32-cabine yacht is 25 square metres in width and the white is the main color that creates the feeling of luxury and sophistication.

Paradise Elegance

Beautiful sundeck in Paradise Elegance yacht

Besides, the combination between Vietnamese culinary art and the international culinary art will bring you an extremely strange experience that you never have before.

Paradise Elegance

An ideal place for relaxing

Only with about 178 $/person can you join the three-day cruise in Paradise Elegance yacht. The first day is a journey from Ha Noi to Ha Long bay. The second day is the cruise around Ha Long bay. The last day is the back trip from Ha Long bay to Ha Noi. For more details, you can see

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3. Alisa yacht (five star standard yacht)

Alisa yacht is one of the latest five star yacht of Ha Long bay having traditional cruises to famous destinations in Ha Long bay such as: Surprised Cave, Titop Island, Kayak rowing around Ha Long bay…

Alisa yacht
One of the latest yachts in Ha Long
Despite just being operated in January, 2017, Alisa yacht has proved itself as an reliable yacht. The number of visitors in Alisa has been increasing dramatically every year.
Alisa yacht
A wonderful place to watch sunset and sunfall
Its own strengths such as luxury restaurants, spacious rooms...have dominated the number of senior guests and confirmed its name in the tourism market.
Alisa yacht
Spacious bedrooms
With 21 luxury and high-quality bed rooms and spacious relaxing room (about 20-30 square metres) equipped with high standard facilities, Alisa yacht promises a memorable cruise for visitors.
Alisa yacht
Luxury restaurants in Alisa yacht

It is worthy to spend about 150$/person for a two-day or three-day cruise to experience the beautiful yacht. To get more details about Alisa cruise, please find it in: Alisa Cruises in Ha Long Bay

4. The Au Co yacht (five star standard yacht)

The Au Co yacht is among the biggest and safest yachts in Halong Bay. The ship and all its equipments are modern and well beyond required standard.

The Au Co yacht

An ideal place to see the whole Ha Long bay

The first impression about The Au Co yacht is the spacious separate rooms equiped with luxury and high-quality equipments. 
Au Co cruise
Spacious  bedrooms in the yacht
The sundeck and relaxing places are well-designed and convenient for visitors to have perfect sightseeing.
Well-designed sundeck
Located on open 3rd floor of the yacht and have feng shui style of design, restaurants and bars are ideal destinations for visitors finding a place to join the delicious food and view the wonderful scenery of ha Long.
 Au co cruise
Luxury restaurant for visitors
The Au Co yacht is the first steel yacht in Ha Long bay to be used for long cruises by Vietnam Martime Administraion. The yacht is suitable for people who want to be secured. With about 353$/person, HERE are some suggestions for you to have an unforgettable cruise.

5. Star Light yacht (five star standard yacht)

Star Light is not only a name, it also has its mean. When the sun is hidden behind the mountains of Ha Long, the light of the moon and stars shine down Ha Long the fanciful light. For the fishermen living in Ha Long, star light is considered as the waypoint for their ship at night. The inspiration for building Starlight is derived from the love of the sky and the sea of Mr. ​​Hai Phong - one of the pioneers in high-quality ship cruise service in Halong Bay. The yacht has a modern architecture style that helps it hold the position as one of the most luxurious nightlife yacht in Halong Bay.
Star Light yacht
Beautiful Star Light yacht in Ha Long bay
Designed with dual channel technology, The Star Light absolutely provides safety for those who are still worried about their long journey on the Ha Long bay. Thirty-two rooms with the delicate and luxurious design style make Star Light yacht a luxury hotel in Ha Long bay.
Star Light yacht
Luxury rooms of the yacht
Star Light yacht
A wonderful place for couples
Star Light yacht
Five star standard restaurants
With the total cost for a person from 165$, you can immerse yourself in the international standard space in Star Light yacht. For more details about cruises, you can see in: Star Light Cruise

If you are wondering what cruise to choose, do not hesitate to CONTACT US for help. Let take your bag, and get to Ha Long right now!

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