Useful Tips For The First Journey In Your Life

VietlandJourney - Travelling could be a very interesting experience in your life but also a tragedy if it is your first journey. Carefully watch the following advice given by professors or you will regret for your carelessness. In this blog, we will share you some dos and don'ts to have a perfect journey.

1. Dos

Be sure about the price for the journey

Whether you plan your own schedule or book via a tourism company, you should make sure that you know well about the price for all items such as meals, rooms... A cheap price will take your whole day but you can have more time visiting other places if you pay a little more. Do not pay too much attention to a cheap ticket, it will waste your time.

Carefully look for detailed information about the trip


Before your journey, try to find all the information about the places you want to go and things you want to do. Consider about booking a tour if necessary. Besides, travel insurance also should be noted.

Make sure that the hotel is chosen

Remember that finding a hotel is also a very important part in your schedule. Choose yourself a hotel that is near your expected destinations with reasonable price but  meet the basic need.

Pay as soon as possible


Many travel professors advise that it is better to pay for your trip as soon as possible in case your credit card do not work for the last moment.

Discover the new strange places

When you come to a new place, try to discover it as much as possible because maybe you will never have a chance to visit it again. To have the best experience, let come with your friends or anyone you are closed with.


Make sure that all the necessary things are available

To have a perfect trip without lack of neecessary things, you need to prepare and list all the things for the trip to avoid forgetting them.

Have a comfortable shoes for walking

A comfortable shoes for walking will be very useful during your journey. Besides you should pay attention to the fashion requirement in some resorts, hotels, restaurants or clubs for certain occasions.


Drink water

Do not take it for grant. Drinking water plays an important role in your long journey. Try to avoid alcohol and Caffeine as much as possible and drink water instead. Always have a bottle of water in case you are thirsty. 

2. Don'ts

Using mobile phone too much

A study by the University of Derby (UK) has shown that a British spends about 3.6 hours a day looking at the phone screen. Many travelers are tempted by the desire to post their photos on social networks. However, you had better put your phone down and enjoy the trip.

Don't depend too much on mobile phone 

Trust for strangers 

On this journey you will meet many people, many of whom will be what we call wolves in sheep’s clothing. This means that people with bad intentions will befriend you and you won’t know that they want to get you into drugs until its too late. And you will want to always fit in with the cool crowd, or do things because it’s the cool thing to do.

Parking anywhere 

Don't park anywhere but a well lit place, don't leave valuables in sight (lock them in the trunk), and don’t pick-up hitchhikers.

Pack your bag too many items

Are you a regular person who has a habbit of put everything on your bag before a trip? If yes, you are probably familiar with baggage weighing problems on checking in, or the bag can not be closed. To avoid these bad situation in your next journey, you should choose the essential items and use suitable suitcase or backpack for your trip.

Don't pack your bag too much items

Keep anything to the last minute

Do not keep anything to the last minute. Pack properly and confirm the flight schedule well in advance. Leave for the airport in a reasonable time to avoid any last minute hassles. The key is to never leave anything to be done at the last moment.

Forget to check your vehicle

Your vehicle is your best friend when it comes to road trips. Make sure that your vehicle can make it to the end of the trip and take you to your destinations safely. If you have the time, have a mechanic check your vehicle before you embark on your road trip. You should also make sure that you have all the proper documentation with you and your insurance card as well. Car accidents can happen at any moment and it is best that you are prepared, especially during a road trip where you travel for hours and encounter many drivers along the way.

Vietland Journey hope that these tips will be useful for you. If you have any question, please let us know HERE. We also have many promotional tours for you, you can see more in: Cheap tours to Ha Long. Wish you the best holiday!