Viet Nam Visa - Application Procedure

Viet Nam is becoming an attractive destination for international tourists lately. And to make a priority for you, Viet Nam' travel Visa application procedures were simplified a lot, therefore easy to make. The whole process now can be consumed into 4 main steps. Such as:

Step 1: Entry Documentary

The foreigner can register for the permission at their country's embassy in Entry Documentary form or ask their friends in Viet Nam to hire a company provides guarantee service to represent you to make it. Of course, with the travel purpose.
Entry Documentary made by guarantee service company
Entry Documentary licensed by Administration of Immigration

Step 2: Receive Entry Documentary

The foreigner will receive the Entry Documentary through email if their Visa received location is the airport. Otherwise, the original Entry Documentary will hand to the foreigners at the embassy where they registered for it.

Step 3: Paperwork

Firstly: The foreigner will fill in an NA1 form, which is the Visa requirement declaration. The NA1 form requires a foreigner' 3x4cm portrait picture attached.
Secondly: Produce the foreigner' original Passport.
Producing passport
The foreigner producing the original passport
Thirdly: The foreigner produces the Entry Documentary at the Visa received location. It could be the Viet Nam international airport or the road border gate, depends on the foreigner registration before.

Step 4: Receive the Visa

Before receiving the Visa, the foreigner has to pay a fee at Visa received location. Then the Visa will be handed.
pay fee then get the visa
The foreigner pay fee then get the visa

Addition information: Visa requirement file

  1. A Visa requirement declaration in NA1 form plus a foreigner' 3x4cm portrait picture.
  2. The foreigner' original visa.
  3. Proof for foreigner' travel itinerary.
  4. The Entry Documentary
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