What Is The Required Procedures To Apply For A Vietnam's Tourist Visa

Question: Our family are planning to travel to Viet Nam in the next month but still not have had any information about the needed procedures. So can you tell me do we need an individual for the trip and if yes, what is the required procedures to apply for a Vietnam's tourist visa.

Mrs. H

Dear Mrs.H, Vietland are glad to received your question. And to solve this inquiry, here is some vital information that you should acknowledge yourself, which is the approved 4 steps process:
Step 1:
1st case: If Mrs.H have no relative or friend who live in Viet Nam but convenient to access your host country's embassy. Then please register for the travel permission by fill in the Entry Documentary form which is provided at the embassy. Or you can download the form online to fill in at home and apply it at the embassy later.
2nd case: If Mrs.H have friend or relative in Viet Nam, you can ask them to register , you can ask them to  hire a company which provides guarantee service to represent you to apply for a tourist visa. Of course, with the travel purpose.
Step 2:
After few days, Mrs.H will receive the Entry Documentary through your email if your Visa received location that you registered is the airport. Otherwise, Mrs.H will be handed the original Entry Documentary at the embassy where you registered for it.
Step 3:
Firstly: Mrs.H will need to fill in an NA1 form, which is the Visa requirement declaration. The NA1 form requires a 3x4cm authentic portrait picture of Mrs.H attached.
Secondly: Mrs.H will need to produce your original Passport.
Step 4:
Mrs.H pay for the procedures fee at the registered place (Usually at the host country embassy, Vietnam's international airport or Vietnam international border gate) then receive the Viet Nam tourist visa.
Hopefully the information that we provided above is helpful for Mrs.H. Wish you and your family a fulfilled trip. Any additional question please send to our email at info@freelandjourney.com to receive the soonest respond.
Good bye!