What To Know Before Going On A 2-Day Trip In Ha Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay is a famous and worth-visiting tourism site of Northern Vietnam. Due to being close to Hanoi, this is where young people often choose to have a short vacation during weekends. Before going on your trip, here are what you need to know.

Ha Long Bay is the World Natural Heritage, recognized twice by UNESCO. Ha Long has become famous for its beautiful beaches as well as bustling tourist areas and mysterious historical sites and is known by many domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Ha Long, not only have the chance to soak yourself in the clear blue water but you can also walk on the bay by luxurious cruises, exploring caves as well as visiting the seafood market, and many more.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Ha Long Bay has always been famous for its stunning landscapes

The atmosphere of Ha Long is very refreshing, the scenes are absolutely stunning, the seafood is also delicious and nutritious. In general, when traveling to Ha Long, you will have an absolutely great time.

Foreign tourists often prefer to travel to Ha Long in the winter, starting from November until Tet Holiday, which usually occurs from January to February. As for domestic tourists, they often travel to Ha Long Bay in the summer, from May to July. This is also a time when students are on summer vacation, so they will go with their families. Objectively speaking, the best time to visit Ha Long is in the fall, from August to October. In addition, from April to May in Ha Long Bay is also very beautiful.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Two-day trips in Ha Long Bay are common for foreign tourists

In the summer, Ha Long is like other famous beaches in Northern Vietnam, which is sunny and hot. The weather is perfect for swimming but it can hurt your skin so to avoid sunburn, the indispensable items are sunscreen, sunglasses and umbrella. If going in the winter, a hat and a jacket are enough.

If you go to the bay, you will also have the chance to swim as well as visit some caves, so preparing a pair of soft shoes or sandals, which will make you feel comfortable when walking around.

Going to the beach, swimwear is an item considered to be the most essential. So be prepared from home for the initiative or too urgently without being prepared, you can go to the beach for rent at a quite affordable price from 25.000 – 50.000 VND depending on the type of swimsuit you choose. If you are accompanying your child, a swimming float is important.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Only pack enough for your two-day trip

If you are passionate about photography, the camera is an indispensable item, do not let yourself regret not taking the camera away because it has beautiful scenery. All in all, and because you only travel for two weekend days, it is best if you pack lightly and only bring extreme necessary pieces of stuff.

A common question about Ha Long Bay travel is: How many kilometers is that from Hanoi to Quang Ninh? It is about 170 kilometers from Hanoi, taking approximately 3 to 4 hours traveling to Ha Long Bay. You can either go by car, rental or by the cruise’s service or go on an adventure on the motorbike. Most tourists tend to choose the luxurious cruise’s car due to the convenience, the affordable price and the fast pace.

Nowadays, Ha Long Bay cruise tours on the bay are very popular for many Vietnamese as well as foreign guests. The luxurious cruise often creates a sense of excitement if you spend a night on it with many activities to enjoy, such as going to the rooftop to admire the beautiful sceneries of Ha Long when sunset or dawn, take part in kayaking, swimming in the bay, squid fishing when night falls and so on.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Luxurious Ha Long Bay cruises can take you to many places in just two days

Overnight tours on the Ha Long Bay cruises can last for 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights, depending on each cruise's itinerary. There are various types of the cruise from 2-star, 3-star ones to the more expensive 4-star, 5-star ones.

Coming to Ha Long Bay, it is impossible to skip the seafood. You can taste delicious and fancy dishes of fresh seafood right on the cruise that you choose, or wander around the seafood market as well as try the street food. Either way, you will be able to taste the refreshing, meaty seafood all the while enjoying the wonderful environment of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay cruise

A 2-day itinerary on Ha Long Bay cruises will not let you down

Vietland Journey is happy to help you choose whichever cruise that is most suitable for you, both in your preference and your budget. Contact us and your booking will be made in no time. We wish you a good day and hope to see you in Vietnam soon.