10 Hours Relaxing On Jade Sails – The Ultimate Lan Ha Bay Day Tour

Among numerous luxury cruises that provide day tour in Lan Ha Bay, the Jade Sails may be considered as one of the most trusted and wonderful choices. If you are looking for a chance to relax in the magnificent area of Lan Ha Bay, don’t be hesitate to consider Jade Sails with their 10 hours astonishing tour.

Jade Sails – The luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay

The Jade Sails may be considered the first deluxe boutique one-cabin junk on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam. Today, Vietland Journey is going to introduce you the astonishing 10 hours tour in Lan Ha Bay – the poetic sceneries of Northern Vietnam. With these 10 amazing hours, you will be completely satisfied.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

The luxury and elegant Jade Sails under the sunset of Lan Ha Bay

What makes Jade Sails so different from other cruises in Ha Long Bay? Through the appearance and itinerary, the Ha Long Jade Sails is making brand new tracks in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. The Jade Sails is made completely of its own design, eschewing the copy-and-paste nature of other cruises in Ha Long Bay and providing passengers with a genuine alternative. The luxury that the cruise provides onboard is unparalleled, found across two restaurants, 5-star spa, gorgeous sundeck, café and lounge bar.

The day tour in Lan Ha Bay provided by the Jade Sails consists of 2 hours riding luxurious comfort limousine via new expressway, and 10 hours cruising from the river to the sea aboard newest luxury limousine. The tour provides you a wealth of activities, exploring the islands, secluded corners and caves of Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

The luxury facilities of Jade Sails promises to bring you wonderful memories in Lan Ha Bay

During many Lan Ha Bay day tour, the one from Jade Sails is the most trusted and chosen one. If you are looking for a chance to explore Lan Ha Bay in just one day, this I the perfect option for you.

What you get on Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails tour

Visit tons of outstanding destinations in Lan Ha Bay

The short yet exciting trip of yours in Lan Ha Bay shall take you to the most outstanding and famous places in this beautiful area of Vietnam. You will be taken to Viet Hai village, which is located entirely in the sea, surrounded by high mountains and old forests of Cat Ba National Park. Visiting Viet Hai village, visitors will feel the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, charming landscape of the northern village of Vietnam.

Local people in Viet Hai still retain their own life, bearing the same original characteristics. Any family with a few motorbikes is considered the richest in the village. Recently, Viet Hai village increasingly attracts foreign tourists. Discovering Viet Hai village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things when participating in Lan Ha Bay tour.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

Tourists cycling to explore Viet Hai village

You will also visit Dark and Light cave – the most unique cave in Lan Ha Bay. This cave is located in Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba archipelago - Hai Phong. This is a 70 -meter-long-cave row through the mountain but is located on the water surface, so to visit the cave you often have to row or paddle the kayak. Nowadays, the cave is a must-see destination for tourists visiting and relaxing on Lan Ha Bay.

When going through the cave inside you will be surprised as if lost in paradise, because inside is a large water cliff surrounded by majestic high limestone mountains. Sitting on the boat floating in the water, breathing in the fresh air and the blue water, watching the beautiful surroundings and feeling the peace between the sea and the sky and mountains will surely be a moment that you can’t forget in a long time.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

Paddling to explore Dark and Light cave

Other than that, the Lan Ha Bay day tour on Jade Sails provides you tons of interesting activities, such as swimming and kayaking in Van Boi beach – a heavenly place known for its pristine beaches and spectacular beauty; or take part in the cooking class – where you learn how to make famous traditional Vietnamese springs roll; or biking in Viet Hai village...

Throughout 10 hours exploring Lan Ha Bay, there won’t be a single boring moment for you to suffer. You will have such a memorable time that you won’t be able to forget.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

The poetic beauty of Van Boi beach, Lan Ha Bay

Amazing services on Lan Ha Jade Sails

Joining the Lan Ha Bay day tour on Jade Sails, you will be enjoying the amazing services of the cruise, giving you one of the best moments in your life. With those services, you will feel like a VIP guest throughout the journey.

Once set foot on the Jade Sails, you will be welcomed in the warmest way. You will enjoy a welcome drink, receive cruise briefing, safety instructions, and check-in before starting to explore Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

Where you can sit and relax in Lan Ha Bay with Jade Sails

While cruising through a maze of limestone mountains, you revel in the elegant restaurant that fully-equipped with air - conditioning. A Vietnamese fusion cuisine lunch is served and spectacular seascape is always in view through expanded windows.

During the afternoon, the Sunset party is what will keep your mood up. The astonishing sunset in the Lan Ha Bay shall touch your heart. After that, it’s time for the lovely buffet dinner served by our experienced staff. Here you will have delicious local food – which is a delightful meal in an intimate romantic setting.

Lan Ha Bay Jade Sails day tour

The luxury restaurant where you can have delicious meals in Lan Ha Bay

Choose Jade Sails for your next Lan Ha Bay adventure

Have you been convinced to trust and choose Jade Sails to explore Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam? Vietland Journey is more than honored to help you book the best 10 hours in Lan Ha Bay on Jade Sails, don’t be hesitate to reach out for us.

Don’t wait anymore, join us for an unforgettable journey and you won’t regret it.