3D2N Ha Long Bay Trip On Majestic Cruise Review

Are you ready to have a wonderful, magnificent trip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with Majestic cruise – a 3-star with modern facilities and absolutely dedicated services? Here is our review about Majestic cruise after spending 3 days 2 nights exploring Ha Long Bay with the cruise, that will surely make you fall in love with it.

Start of the Ha Long Bay Trip On Majestic Cruise

When we book a tour to Ha Long Bay on Majestic cruise, we didn’t expect the cruise to take care of our transportation from Hanoi to Ha Long. We were going to catch a bus ourselves, but luckily Majestic cruise also offered pick-up bus from Hanoi to Ha Long and vice versa.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

The bus picked us up from Hanoi and took us to Ha Long

We were picked up at 7:45 AM at our hotel in the Hanoi Old Quarter, and then took off to Ha Long. The road took about 3 or 3.5 hours, we did stop halfway for a short break. At about 12:00 PM, we had arrived at Ha Long Bay and ready to start our journey.

Our 3-day-2-night on Ha Long Majestic Cruise

We didn’t expect much due to this is a 3-star cruise, but it turned out that our experience on Majestic cruise was quite satisfying. We got on the boat right after arriving at Ha Long Bay, then had a brief description of safety on the boat. Then our trip to Ha Long Bay started.

Day 1: Begin visiting Ha Long Bay

At early afternoon, Majestic cruise sailed, took us to explore Ha Long Bay. Before visiting any places, we had lunch with some seafood dishes on the cruise. We must say that the food was really delicious and helped us get more energy after the long ride in the morning.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

The food on Majestic cruise was amazingly delicious

Then, Majestic cruise took us to visit Titov island. According to the tour guide, Titov island is quite small, quiet and comfortable. The beach shapes like the moon so it looks really beautiful from above. We got to climb to the top of the mountain, where we could sightsee the entire view of Ha Long Bay and the beach below. The view was absolutely stunning.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

The crew took a picture at Titov island before exploring

After that, we arrived at Luon cave – a small cave located on top of the ocean surface, that looks like a rock rainbow. Here we had to kayak to explore the cave. It was an interesting experience when slowly sailing under the cave, enjoying the cool ocean water and had fun with our loved ones.

After visiting those two places we participated in the cooking class on the Majestic cruise. We learned how to make Vietnamese traditional dish, called spring roll, and had fun researching about Vietnamese cuisine. All in all, our first day on Majestic cruise was fun but a little bit tired.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

Kayaking was fun when staying in Ha Long Bay

Day 2: Ha Long Bay – Trong Cave – Ho Dong Tien

We had more energy on the second day because our room on Majestic cruise was very comfortable, so we could have a nice deep sleep with the outstanding view of Ha Long Bay. So our second day was really enjoyable.

We began our day with the tai chi class on the sundeck, introduced by the skillfully master on the Majestic cruise. Then, we visited Ho Dong Tien cave and explored by kayak. We were stunned by the magnificent view inside the cave. It was an unforgettable memory.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

The tai chi class we took in the morning

Still, on the kayak, we continued to visit Trong cave. The sceneries inside Trong cave was charming as well that we all had to be impressed. Then we visited the Pearl farm and learned so much about Vietnamese lifestyle as well as culture. The Majestic cruise even provided so many amazing activities such as cards game, chess, karaoke, squid fishing... so we couldn’t remember having a boring time on the cruise.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

Had a great time exploring the stunning landscapes of Ha Long Bay

Day 3: Last day of our Ha Long Bay trip

We also began our last day with a quick tai chi class. The activity helped us improve our physical health a lot and gained a lot of energy to enjoy the journey.

Our last destination on the Ha Long Bay tour was Sung Sot cave – the most beautiful and breathtaking caves in the area. The tour guide of the Majestic cruise took us to visit the cave and carefully explained every information about the cave. We had an enjoyable time in Ha Long Bay and Sung Sot cave.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

We all had an absolutely wonderful time in Ha Long Bay with Majestic cruise

Then we returned to the boat and prepare to get home. It was such amazing 3 days in Ha Long Bay and Majestic cruise had provided us with everything we need.

Our room on Ha Long Majestic cruise

We had 3 people, so we decided to choose the largest room on Majestic cruise to spend our vacation in Ha Long Bay. We chose the Deluxe Triple room which is 20 meters square, has 2 beds and a private balcony. The room was really spacious and clean, not to mention the room service was absolutely wonderful.

Ha Long Bay Majestic cruise

The large room we chose on Majestic cruise

Every corner in the room was designed beautifully, and we had all the necessary types of equipment such as air conditioner, contemporary toiletries,... and everything else for a comfortable trip. We heard that the other rooms are also amazing as well.

The staff crew of Majestic cruise is undoubtedly amazing. They are friendly and always ready to help. We have had a wonderful experience on Majestic cruise and we absolutely didn’t regret choosing it.

Book Ha Long Majestic cruise via Vietland Journey

We booked our Ha Long Bay tour on Majestic cruise via Vietland Journey, so everything was done so fast and convenient. We had a great time in Ha Long Bay thanks to Majestic cruise and Vietland Journey, we will definitely come back if have the chance.

If you are looking for a cruise with reasonable price and satisfying services to spend your Ha Long Bay vacation, we highly recommend Majestic cruise. We guarantee that you will have a memorable trip with your loved ones.