5 Simple Facts About Ha Long Red Dragon Junk

With such fine services and elegant design, Red Dragon Junk is becoming a famous choice for tourists when deciding on a vacation in the mesmerizing Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Find out 5 simple facts about this junk and you will want to join with Vietland Journey right away!

Red Dragon Junk is one of the latest junks in Ha Long, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a breathtaking combination of magnificent ocean, islands and caves sceneries. In order to fully explore this outstanding place, tourists often chose to travel by cruises, because of most of the worth-visiting wonders lye in the middle of the sea. Lately, Ha Long Bay has been attracting numerous tourists in the world.

Understanding the need for discovering the wonderful sceneries of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on a luxury travel cruise, recently many elegant and convenient cruises have been built in this World Natural Heritage. Among them, Red Dragon Junk may be considered the newest one because it was built in 2019, just started serving customers this year. Despite that, the cruise has already been capturing the satisfaction of many travelers from all over the world.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

An overview of the Red Dragon Junk, Ha Long Bay

It is safe to say, Red Dragon Junk is the most suitable cruise to travel Ha Long Bay, with many up-to-date services and qualification. If you are planning on a Ha Long Bay tour this summer vacation, Red Dragon Junk will be the perfect option for you.

Type of rooms on Red Dragon Junk Vietnam

Like many other luxury cruises in Ha Long Bay, Red Dragon Junk is also built with luxury and beautiful rooms. There are two significant types of rooms on Red Dragon Junk, which are the Deluxe Doube, also called Twin cabin and the Deluxe triple cabin.

The differences between these two types of room are quite clear. Like its name, the Twin cabin is made for two people. It is equipped with a huge double bed and clean luxurious. This beautiful room is the perfect choice for your vacation with your significant other, honeymoon or just simply a romantic date.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The Deluxe Double cabin

The Deluxe triple cabin will be wonderful for a family vacation. If you have a child with you, they will love the experience of Red Dragon Junk. The rooms are equipped with a double bed plus a smaller bed, with a private balcony to freely sightsee the stunning landscapes of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The Deluxe Triple Cabin

All the rooms are clean, beautiful and comfortable. Not only that but the staff crew of the cruise also ready to serve you 24/7 with everything you need. Red Dragon Junk also has 24-hour security and laundry service, all you need for the most memorable vacation.

General facilities and activities on Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

Like any other Ha Long Bay cruises, Red Dragon Junk has all the basic conveniences. It has a spacious sundeck, the delicious restaurant and bar, tender rowing boats, conference and meeting facilities and everything. You will have the chance to enjoy all of that when visiting Ha Long Bay with Red Dragon Junk.

Besides the luxury facilities, Red Dragon Junk also has many interesting activities in order to help you get the best Ha Long Bay vacation. You can join fishing, cooking class, tours of floating fishing villages and caves, movie nights,  wooden game, kayaking, singing and dancing, swimming, bamboo boat trip, as well as tai chi class in the early morning.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The spacious sundeck on Ha Long Red Dragon Junk

All of the conveniences mentioned above will give you perfect bonding time with your loved ones. Why hesitate on joining a Ha Long Bay tour with us this summer?

Schedule in Ha Long Bay with Red Dragon Junk

Red Dragon Junk has two different itineraries, which are the 2 days one and the 3 days one. You can choose the one that is most suitable for your budget as well as your timetable.

You will have the opportunity to visit Thien Canh Son cave – the most mysterious and outstanding caves in Ha Long Bay. You also can explore Bai Tu Long Bay – an attractive area near Ha Long Bay with beautiful natural sceneries. The Vung Vieng fishing village is also a worth visiting place to discover the culture and custom value of Vietnamese fishermen.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

Tourists are having a good time on Red Dragon Junk, Ha Long Bay

Especially, if you choose the 3 days itinerary, you will have extra wonderful time in Cong Dam – the unspoiled and beautiful area of Ha Long Bay. That plus all the amazing destinations in the tour will absolutely not let you down.

For detailed itineraries, you can visit vietlandjourney.com and search for the small VIP Red Dragon Junk to read the full information.

Book a Ha Long Bay tour in Red Dragon Junk is so easy

To book an astonishing vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with Red Dragon Junk, you only have to contact Vietland Journey and everything will be settled for you.

If you want to look for more information about Red Dragon Junk, you can read on vietlandjourney.com and also check out the feedback of other customers. Their opinions will persuade you to choose Red Dragon Junk for your next vacation.

Vietland Journey is ready to serve you on your trip, and wish you the best time in our beautiful S-shaped country.