All You Need To Know About Ha Long Bay President Cruise

The 5-star President cruise is one of the most luxurious cruises in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam nowadays. Here is all the information you need to know about President cruise. After researching, you will figure out should you choose this cruise for your next Ha Long Bay vacation or not.

President cruise is one of the largest cruises in Ha Long Bay

Nowadays, Ha Long Bay has tons of luxurious cruises with different characteristics and charms. But the President cruise might be considered as one of the most outstanding ones, due to its majestic size and style. These five-deck steel craft measures 86 meters long, 13.9 meters wide and 13 meters high, making it the largest overnight ship to grace Ha Long Bay’s waters.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

Meet the President - the largest cruise in Ha Long Bay

The cruise can have up to 120 passengers at one time. But it’s the ship’s sublime selection of onboard entertainment, premium facilities, and an elegant cabin design that will dazzle first-time passengers.

With its impressive size, plus the top-standard services, it is no wonder that the President cruise was classified as a luxury yacht, with 5 stars for the quality. You will feel like a royalty once cruising with President cruise.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

On President cruise, customers are guaranteed to have the best time of their life

The President cruise was started cruising in November 2018, making it a quite modern and new cruise in Ha Long Bay. With its technology and facilities, the President cruise promises to bring you the top-notch experience and relaxation. While exploring and enjoying Ha Long Bay, you can enjoy your journey with the unique services such as the luxury spa on the cruise, the swimming pool on the sundeck, a piano lounge and a restaurant. Moreover, with the classic, chic and stylish design - the President cruise is yours.

The rooms on Ha Long President Cruise

With its completely impressive size, the President cruise has the most remarkable numbers of cabin you will ever see in Ha Long Bay: 46 cabins! Each room is so spacious and cozy that you will so relaxed during your trip. All the rooms are installed with large windows for sightseeing, or a private balcony. The room service and a-la-carte menu are also worth dying for.

There are a total of 5 styles of the cabin, base on your preference you can choose whichever one that suitable for you. There two smallest types of the cabin are the Ambassador Balcony room and the Premier balcony cabin, even though being the smallest – each of them is already 30 meters square wide. Each room can have a maximum of 2 adults, with an extra bed available for a child if needed.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

The Ambassador Balcony cabin...

Ha Long Bay President cruise

...and the Premier balcony cabin

If you want a slightly larger space, the Cabinet Suite room will be perfect for you – with a wide of 35 meters square. This room also can have 2 adults with a kid (extra bed will be provided if needed). Or the Treasury Suite is also an ideal room with the space of 38 meters square.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

The Cabinet suite room...

Ha Long Bay President cruise

... and the Treasury suite room

Now, looking for a completely VIP room with the top services and comfortable space? On President cruise, the largest room is the Presidential Suite cabin, which has an impressive space of 90 meters square! The opulent Presidential Suite is luxuriously and glamorously decorated to impress, and features a dramatic view of the bay with its floor-to-ceiling windows. Non-smoking, located on the Upper Deck at the front of the ship, private terrace and jacuzzi. Also includes an en-suite bathroom with bathtub, shower, sink, WC, hair-dryer, bath linen, slippers and toiletries.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

The largest Presidental Suite room

Facilities on Ha Long President Cruise

The Ha Long President cruise has many high-quality services that truly live up to its 5-star reputation. It has innovative Michelin star dining comes as standard with menus crafted by world-famous celebrity chef John Burton-Race. President Cruise serves an imaginative a la carte menu with over 40 dishes, each one individually crafted by John with European and Asian influences.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

The luxurious restaurant where serves delicious dishes for passengers

Feel bored while exploring Ha Long Bay? You can find our own space in a selection of onboard areas, including two capacious sundecks and an outdoor Jacuzzi offering panoramic views of the bay. Alternatively, retire to your balcony or terrace and soak in the scenery from your own private space is quite enjoyable as well.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

Enjoy the privacy of your room while relaxing and sightseeing Ha Long Bay

Not only that, but the President cruise also offers an amazing and relaxing spa service, which is an ideal way to release all the stress in your mind and improve both your mental and physical health. Feel free to ask the staff for accompanying, and they will do their best to serve you.

Activities on Ha Long President Cruise

A high-quality cruise must contain some high-quality activities. On the President cruise, customers can savor over a wonderful selection of tea and snacks while enjoying the views of the karst limestone formations of Ha Long Bay on the sundeck. The magnificent sceneries and the delicious tea will surely give you a sweet memory in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay President cruise

Feel free to enjoy tea and snack while cruising on President cruise in Ha Long Bay

The President cruise also offer an interactive cooking class daily, as part of the itineraries, in order for the international passengers to understand more about Vietnamese cuisine and culture all the while enjoying the backdrop of Ha Long Bay.

There are tons of other interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming, tai chi class,... that you absolutely will enjoy. For more information about the policies and the itineraries, don’t hesitate to contact Vietland Journey.

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