Conquering Top 3 Mountains In The North Of Vietnam

Other than taking a free and easy vacation in a sumptuous resort, adventure enthusiasts  take their pleasure in conquering high mountain tops. It is such a feeling of freedom to stand among the majestic forests, beyond layers and layers of cloud, fully savoring the greatness of nature. In this article, Vietland Journey will break down Top 3 mounts in Northern Vietnam which are most worth trekking.

For a long time, the North of Vietnam has been famous for its signature topography of high mountain ranges. The most repetitive mount when it comes to trekking in northern Vietnam might be Fansipan – the roof of Indochina, but now that getting to the top of this mount becomes much easier with the construction of cable cars, many people exclude it out of their trekking bucket list. Following would be places which are much less touristic, still remaining their pristine beauty.

1. Pu Ta Leng (3049m) 

With the height of 3049 meters, Pu Ta Leng ranks as the 3th highest mountain in Vietnam. The mountain slopes leading to the top of Pu Ta Leng are covered in mysterious forests. On the way, trekkers will experience all kinds of vegetation: from ancient hundred-year-old trees to dense bamboo forests. One salient thing about Pu Ta Leng Mountain is that it possesses lots of limpid streams and cascades, you might have the chance to dip yourself into the crystal water here along the way, which many trekkers find extremely intriguing.

In March, when it comes to azalea blooming season, the forest of Pu Ta Leng would change in a way that can astonish any trekkers. Azaleas bloom in big clusters, in different colors: red, pink, yellow, creating a romantic atmosphere for the jungle. This is a plus point that makes Pu Ta Leng listed in Top trekking places in Northern Vietnam.


The "specialties" of Pu Ta Leng are limpid streams. 


Huge ancient trees are covered in thick moss and algae. 


A romantic Pu Ta Leng in azalea blooming season 

Height: 3049 meters – the 3th highest mount in Viet Nam

Trekking distance: ~38 kilimeters

Rate of difficulty: 8/10


2. Bach Moc Luong Tu (3046m) 

Bach Moc Luong Tu or Ky Quan San, 3046 meters high, is an ideal destination for those in love with “cloud hunting”. Located in the line between Lao Cai and Lai Chau province, Bach Moc Luong Tu holds an exquisite beauty, including the impressive cloud heaven. While the clouds in Fansipan only exist in about 10 days, the cloud ocean in Bach Moc Luong Tu stays almost all year round thanks to its special geographic features. The cloud heaven can be considered as the signature of Bach Moc Luong Tu, making it so loved.

The experience of lying under the sly night, contemplating the sparkling Milky Way among the tranquility of the jungle is also a special thing that Bach Moc Luong Tu can bring to you. Besides, the diverse terrains trekkers would intake when conquering this mount is another thing that makes the journey so intriguing to adventure enthusiasts. This mount is not for amateurs because it requires people with very good strength and endurance but the gift you get once reaching the top would not be able to fully described in any words!


Catching the magnificent view of dawn on the cloud ocean of Bach Moc Luong Tu


Hardly is there any greater place to sleep than under the sparkling Milky Way. 


View of the resting place at the height of 2100m in Bach Moc Luong Tu 

Height: 3046 meters – the 4th highest mount in Vietnam

Trekking distance: ~34 kilometers

Rate of difficulty: 8/10


3. Ta Lien Son (2996m) 

In the language of native Mong people, Ta Lien Son has another name: Co Trau, which means the neck of the buffalo. Ta Lien Son is known as the “fairy forest” for the unique vegetation that it holds. To your astonishment, you will find out a secluded wood blocks the sunlight, a track full of strange creatures, ancient trees with giant trunks.

Especially, if you come to Ta Lien Son from October to November, the chance is that your journey will lead you to a wonderful place which is covered in the orange color of maple leaves. Otherwise, if you come here between March and April, you will be amazed by the colorful cover of azaleas over the jungle. Ta Lien Son is considered as a top-notching place for enjoying azalea blossoms.

ta lien

Ta Lien Son - the "fairy forest" under sunlight 

ta lien son

Trekkers can enjoy a Ta Lien Son covered in orange color of maple leaves if coming here from October to November.

ta lien son

The mystic jungle is brightened up by the vibrant cover of colorful azaleas. 

Height: 2996 meters

Trekking distance: ~24 kilometers

Rate of difficulty: 7/10


You are no longer interested in touristic destination? You are too tired of throngs of people in popular attractions? A brand new experience is waiting ahead for you to take. We hope that our breakdown of Top 3 trekking mounts in Northern Vietnam would help you pursuing an exotic jouney and have memorable experiences.