Deluxe Amazing Ha Long Bay Silversea Cruise

This amazing deluxe travel cruise named Silversea will be an extremely wonderful experience for you in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Vietland Journey is more happy to welcome on this high-quality cruise and you won’t regret it.

Why should you consider Ha Long Silversea cruise?

Tourists from all over the world are welcomed to Silversea cruise, which has been recognized as the most spacious cabins with private Jacuzzi Bathtub with the modern furniture on a boat. The Silversea cruise was launched in 2015, in order to provide high-class and top quality for the luxury travelers holiday experienced in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise

The luxury Silversea cruise

Silversea cruise is not only equipped the latest safety features but also bring guests a completely unique experience with a carefully researched itinerary, attentive service, authentic decor, friendly service, professional English speaking tour guide, famous master chef, experienced cruise and manager team available with 24h/24h service, it will make sure that we are going to bring a happy holiday and experienced on Silversea cruise after their holiday in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay is famous for the stunning and breathtaking sceneries of nature, so the cabins on Silversea cruise has been designed with panoramic and spacious windows so that customers can enjoy the stunning scenery from your cabin while the ship cruising alongside Ha Long Bay. From the decoration of the ship to the quality of services, through the range of activities available, Silversea cruise and the team promises to make a great holiday and unforgettable experience for all our beloved customers.

Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise

One of the rooms on Ha Long Silversea cruise

The rooms are decorated in red-brown and white, each room comes with elegant interiors, with the welcoming bed decked in white, as a centerpiece. The air-conditioned rooms come fitted with a shower. Toiletries, towels and a hairdryer are provided as well. If you need anything, just call the room service and the staff crew of Silversea cruise will guarantee for you to have the best time of your life.

To make your trip in Ha Long Bay exciting and memorable, Ha Long Silversea cruise offers leisurely cruises and activities along Ha Long Bay. The Silversea cruise ship features a sun terrace, bar, and an onboard restaurant, also free WiFi is available. Customers on Silversea cruise can enjoy activities such as swimming and karaoke during the cruise or participate in tai chi lessons and movie nights to reduce the stress and tiredness from daily life.

Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise

Customers enjoy swimming with Silversea cruise, Ha Long Bay

This deluxe Silversea cruise also has one of the best-rated locations in Ha Long Bay. The 4-star cruise is going to be the perfect options for you this summer vacation. That’s why you should join Vietland Journey on a luxury trip on Silversea cruise right away.

Where will you go on Ha Long Silversea cruise?

Ha Long Bay was recognized as the World Natural Heritage by the UNESCO because the place has many breathtaking natural places such as the beaches, the islands and amazing islets. On Silversea cruise, you will be taken onto the most unique itineraries with fantastic places. Whether choosing the 2-day or the 3-day itinerary, you will have the most memorable time of your life in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

You will be taken to Titov island – the most beautiful and peaceful island with the stunning beach of Ha Long Bay. Titov Island is located in Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, about 7 - 8 kilometers southeast of the port of Bai Chay Tourist Ship. Titov Island has a beach which has a crescent-shaped sandbar.

At the foot of the island is a beach with a moon-shaped shape embracing the island’s legs, small but very airy and quiet. The cruise ships often stop here for tourists to go to the beach to swim or climb a floor in the middle and another on top of the mountain for sightseeing from above. At the beach, there is a bar and other services for renting swimsuits, swimming buoys, freshwater baths, water motorcycles and parachutes. You will have such a good time relaxing here.

Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise

The beautiful Titov island with the moon-shaped beach

You will also visit Sung Sot cave – a wonder of Ha Long Bay. Discovered by a Frenchman in 1901, the cave was originally named “Grotte des Surprises”. This limestone cave deserves a worthy experience after conquering the steps of Bo Hon island, in the northeast of Ha Long Bay.

At an altitude of about 25 meters above sea level, the cave system with an area of about 10000 meters square includes two caves that possess impressive and attractive beauty. After climbing about 50 stairs to the cave entrance, visitors like entering a different world, combining the mysterious world of Sung Sot Cave with the bright outside world.

Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise

One of the amazing sights inside Sung Sot cave

There will be tons of other amazing places that Silversea cruise shall take you to if you join a Ha Long Bay tour on the cruise. Visit for the detailed itinerary and you won’t regret it.

Book Ha Long Bay Silversea cruise in a quick and convenient way

If you are planning on visiting Ha Long Bay in your summer, Silversea cruise really should be considered in your budget list. The hospitable staffs are always ready to serve you, so your trip to Ha Long Bay won’t have a single boring moment.

Vietland Journey is happy to have you on your next holiday. Are you ready to have the most amazing Ha Long Bay tour ever?