Fantastic Adventure In Ha Long Bay With Fantasea Cruise

Being one of the newest cruises in Ha Long Bay, Fantasea cruise promises to bring you the best experience in the beautiful area of Vietnam that you can never imagine. Check out the incredible cruise with Vietland Journey with this basic information below!

What should you know about Ha Long Fantasea cruise?

Being built in 2019 and also one of the latest cruises in Ha Long Bay, Fantasea cruise has the perfect elegant and modern design. The cruise consists of 9 cabins, which is a quite reasonable number. All of them are the deluxe cabin which can contain for about three people, so this cruise is very suitable for a family vacation or a romantic date with your loved one.

Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

An overview of Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

Despite having only one type of room, the cabins are spacious, with beautiful white sheets on king-sized beds so comfortable that you can completely relax and forget all the stress from daily life. Plus the giant window in each room helps you look right through the magnificent view of Ha Long Bay.

The bathroom inside each cabin is also very spacious and clean. The staff crew of the cruise is very dedicated and thoughtful, and they are ready to serve you anytime you need. All of the elements above combine will give you an amazing vacation, and also makes Fantasea cruise becomes pretty fantastic – that you cannot help but smile every day enjoying the Ha Long Bay trip.

Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

The wonderful room on Ha Long Fantasea cruise

Customers on Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise are also served with the most delicious food. Delicious Vietnamese set menu will be served when you sightseeing the breathtaking wonder of Ha Long Bay. Your breakfast will be cooked in Western-style delicious and help you to fulfill your strength and ready for another exploring day.

Not only has the best quality services, but Fantasea cruise also has many interesting activities. If you love seafood, you can join fishing, squid fishing or simply kayaking on the cool salty sea surface. If you want some bonding time with your family and friends, you can invite them to join you playing board games and puzzle games. The Tai Chi class on the boat is ready to improve your health. There are also many more wonderful activities for you to enjoy.

Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

Fantasea cruise has a spacious sundeck for you to relax

All of the elements above combine will give you an amazing vacation, and also makes Fantasea cruise becomes the best choice to book a Ha Long Bay tour. Why don’t you contact Vietland Journey right now?

Why are Ha Long Bay tours are so attractive these days?

Ha Long Bay, where has been recognized twice as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, is famous for its numerous mesmerizing nature, culture and history destinations. The magnificent sceneries here are what continuously attracting visitors from all over the world in recent years.

To be specific, Ha Long Bay is a small bay on the west coast of Tonkin Gulf in the Northeastern Vietnam area. UNESCO has repeatedly acknowledged that Ha Long Bay is the natural heritage of the world with thousands of beautiful islands. Ha Long Bay has a splendid landscape so it is a very attractive tourist destination for domestic and international tourists.

Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

The amazing overview of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

The eternal beauty of Ha Long Bay is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. Thousands of large and small stone islands sprouting from the turquoise waters, creating a giant aqua painting. This is a privilege of nature for Ha Long that no country in the world has.

Witnessing the magnificent landscape of Ha Long Bay, there is no reason why people do not love this new world wonder. Even those who have not yet come, when listening to the story will be curious about the beauty that came out from the vivid and fantasy legend of Vietnam.

The itineraries in Ha Long Bay of Fantasea cruise

True to its name, “Fantasea” – this cruise’s itinerary guarantees to bring you the most fantastic time in the sea of Ha Long Bay. You can choose between the 2 days schedule or the 3 days one, base on your preference and budget.

One of the most outstanding destinations is Ti Top beach, which is one of the famous ones. What makes it so special is this beach has a moon-shaped shape that embraces the island. Although it’s small, the beach is very airy and quiet, suitable for relaxation after a hard-working time. Especially, the water here is clean and clear, the scenery is cloudy, the water is beautiful.

Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise

Ti Top beach has attracted numerous tourists from all over the world

The Ha Long Fantasea cruise will give you the chance to visit this beautiful beach. If you love sitting under the warm sunlight, with some coconut juice and enjoy the salty smell of the sea, this will be the perfect experience in your life.

Besides the place, you can also visit many more amazing places with itineraries. For more detailed information, don’t be hesitate to visit and search for the full schedule.

Book Ha Long Fantasea cruise now

If you want more detailed information about Ha Long Bay Fantasea cruise, you just need to visit and search for Fantasea cruise. The reasonable price of the cruise and the positive feedback of the former customers will surprise you.

For your next vacation, you should choose Ha Long Bay – one of the most beautiful Natural Heritage in the world. And Fantasea cruise is ready to have you. Are those enough to persuade you?