Hera Cruise Makes Your Ha Long Bay Vacation Like A Goddess

Named after the famous Greek goddess, this Hera cruise guarantees to bring you an elegant and memorable vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam like the goddess herself. Vietland Journey is more than honored to introduce you this amazing 6-star travel cruise.

A brief introduction of Ha Long Hera cruise

Hera cruise is a luxury 6-star travel cruise in Ha Long Bay, started to operate in 2017. Since then, this amazing cruise has never failed to bring its customers the best and highest quality vacation in the astonishing Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

So what is the meaning of this cruise’s name? Hera was the queen of the gods, uniting heaven and earth. The namesake finest luxury boutique ship marries the celestial qualities of the goddess with energies from the five elements for an elite cruise experience like no other. The cruise highlights the majesty of the excursion in Ha Long Bay through design that showcases striking panoramas, world-class amenities, and locally crafted wooden furnishings.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

The hi-end Hera cruise under the sunlight

Hera cruises marry the celestial qualities of the Greek goddess with the universal energies of space, air, fire, water and earth to create an elite cruise experience like no other. Once join a Ha Long Bay tour with Hera cruise, you shall find unparalleled serenity in style and comfort as you immerse yourself in a landscape distinguished by stunning limestone, karsts and islets.

Hera cruise features11 spacious luxury cabins — each with a different story — that provide the utmost intimacy and exclusive conveniences. On the second deck, rooms have all-glass windows that allow for full views of the bay, to be enjoyed from your own bed or bathtub with a glass of champagne. Concierge Level guests in cabins at the stern and bow also have a personal chef. You also have access to butler service and tailored tours.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

Some of the rooms on Hera cruise

Some rooms feature a private bathroom with a bathtub, while others have bathrobes and slippers. Some units include a seating area where you can relax. You can enjoy a cup of tea from your terrace or balcony, and extras include free toiletries and a hairdryer. You can choose whichever room which is suitable for you.

With the 2 days and 1 night itinerary of Hera cruise, you will have the chance to visit the most outstanding places of Ha Long Bay, such as Luon cave, Trinh Nu cave, Sung Sot cave, Soi Sim island, enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the warm sunlight and many more. Visit vietlandjourney.com for the detailed itinerary and you won’t regret it.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

The bathroom helps you enjoy the view outside amazingly

Facilities on Ha Long Hera cruise

Being a hi-end cruise, Hera cruise has many modern and luxury facilities for you to enjoy. Aside from 11 spacious luxury suites, there is also a concierge Level upper deck suites with personal butler and chef services and spa services to relax as well.

For the meals, you can have in one of the two restaurants, or have drinks in two bars and lounge and sundeck. Don’t forget the afternoon tea party with live piano and music and tai chi class in the morning too.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

‚ÄčThe restaurant where you can have delicious meals

There are many more amazing facilities on Hera cruise that you really should check out. With this modern cruise, your vacation will be absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Many customers have chosen and satisfied with the service, why don’t you become the next one?

What did customers say about Hera cruise, Ha Long Bay?

Edward Davidson from Hungary said: “We were fortunate in so many ways to be on the lovely Ha Long Hera Cruise. We were even more fortunate to be there on a crystal clear day. Floating through the bay and trying to capture its beauty on a camera or with words just is not possible for me. Fishing boats would drift by, you would witness people living on their boats in alcoves as they’ve done for generations.”

Mariano Manning from Honduras wrote: “Very nice scenery. Well organized tours. Comfortable boats. We did the 2 day-1 night trip. Just enough time to relax, take in the views and chat to fellow passengers on their travel experiences. There are lots of boats and tourists that come and go on a daily basis, but somehow you can still find the beauty and peace of the place.”

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

Customers can have a relaxing time on Hera cruise

Patricia E. Pratt from the United Kingdom shared: “I enjoyed my stay in paradise cruise.. food is great and the staff is very accommodating and heartwarming stay. The ambiance was so beautiful and very relaxing. Thank you for the superb stay.”

Ready to sail with Ha Long Hera cruise?

Are you ready for an elegant and high-quality vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with Hera cruise? Then don’t forget to contact us for the quickest booking. Hera cruise is ready to make your summer vacation awesome.

Vietland Journey is more than honored to accompany you. We wish you a very good day.