Incredible Chance To Explore Ha Long Bay With LAzalee Premium Cruise

If you are wonering where should you go for the next vacation with your loved ones, don’t be hesitate to choose Ha Long Bay - one of the most famous tourist places in Vietnam. And among numerous luxurious cruises in the area of Ha Long Bay, the LAzalee Premium cruise will be the perfect choice for a great exploration for you.

Introducing the Ha Long LAzalee Premium cruise

The 5-star LAzalee Premium cruise was designed and built in 2015, with the elegant and luxury classical style that suitable for customers in every age. You will be surprised with how cozy and comfortable the cruise feels, it is just like the second home on top of the ocean surface. Most customers come to the cruise says that they don’t want to go back home at all.

The special thing about 5-star LAzalee Premium cruise is the junk is only built with 1 cabin for two people. This means the perfect opportunity for some privacy time, maybe for couples or newlyweds. If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, you really should consider this amazing cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This may be considered one of the most awesome small VIP cruise in Ha Long Bay nowadays.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium cruise

The warm and cozy cabin on LAzalee Premium cruise, Ha Long Bay

What can you do on Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium cruise?

To keep your trip interesting and exciting, LAzalee Premium cruise provides you with many wonderful activities. Joining those, your vacation in Ha Long Bay won’t have a single boring moment.

If you want to enjoy the amazing nature, you can go fishing, or join tours of caves, join the bamboo boat trip, kayaking or swimming in the refreshing ocean. If you just want to have some fun, do consider participating in our singing and dancing or wooden games activity. Looking for some knowledge about Vietnam? Then don’t miss out the cooking class which demonstrates to you how to cook delicious traditional dishes.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium Cruise

The luxurious sundeck where you can enjoy all the magnificent landscapes of Ha Long Bay

The tours to the floating villages also can help you learn a lot more amazing facts about Vietnamese culture and customs. The tours will be a unique experience that you can hardly find in other tourist places in the world. The life of the Vietnamese fishermen can be very interesting, you will surely love it.

If you want to relax and improve both your physical and mental health, our tai chi class in the early morning will be the perfect choice for you. After this Ha Long Bay tour, your strength will be improved so greatly that you can feel healthy in such a long time.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium Cruise

You will have such a great time on LAzalee Premium Cruise

The services on Ha Long LAzalee Premium cruise?

When paying for a tour on the cruise, the price has already consisted of some convenient and wonderful services that can help your vacation become so much better. On the cruise, there are some several places that you can use to relax, such as the spacious sundeck, the luxury restaurant, the massage and spa service, the outstanding bar,... and so on. Those are the activities that you can enjoy to reduce the stress from tiring daily life.

Aside from that, there are also many services to help your trip become more wonderful and convenient, such as the laundry service done by the dedicated staff crew. Some other add on services and the reception are ready 24/7 to serve you with anything you need.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium Cruise

You will be served with the top quality services on LAzalee Premium Cruise

Joining Ha Long LAzalee Premium cruise, you will surely feel like royalty with our hospitable, thoughtful and dedicated services. So why don’t you join a Ha Long Bay tour with us right now?

The itinerary on Halong LAzalee Premium cruise

Ha Long Bay is famous for its numerous amazing and breathtaking places, from the natural ones, such as the sandy beaches, the mysterious caves and the giant islets; to the artificial ones such as the floating villages where fishermen live and catching sea creatures to earn their lives. Coming on Ha Long LAzalee Premium cruise, you will have the chance to explore these wonderful places. Whether you choose the 2 days itinerary or the 3 days one, your vacation will be memorable and completely joyful.

Depart from Tuan Chau Marina, you will be heading to the most outstanding wonders in Ha Long Bay. Many wonderful places such as Cat Ba island, Lom Bo Island, Me Cung cave, Titop beach, Thumb island and many more are waiting for you to stop by and explore. It is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed with these amazing wonders of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium Cruise

On LAzalee Premium cruise, you will discover the most interesting places in Ha Long Bay

If you choose the 3-day itinerary, you will be able to discover even more amazing wonders of mother nature that no other place in the world can have, such as Luon cave or Trinh Nu cave.

Especially, joining the trip, you have the chance to explore the traditional dishes of Vietnam, served in your meals throughout the trip. All of your food is carefully prepared by the experienced chef, so you don’t have to worry about quality. The delicious cuisine will improve your mood and help you enjoy your Ha Long Bay tour even more than you already are.

Ha Long Bay LAzalee Premium Cruise

On LAzalee Premium cruise, you will have the most wonderful moments in Ha Long Bay

Book Ha Long Bay tour on LAzalee Premium Cruise right away!

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