Outstanding Experience On Ha Long Lan Ha Legend Cruise

Lan Ha Legend Cruise is one of the best choices in the middle-rank cruises in Ha Long Bay. It’s the first cruise that departs from Cat Ba island and visits also Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Join this outstanding cruise with Vietland Journey for a magnificent experience right away!

The eternal beauty of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is also known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage, is a natural wonder that consists of numerous stunning watery landscapes that can capture the heart of every visitors from all over the world. The bay has been one of the most famous tourist destinations of Vietnam in the past year.

Many people want to come back to Ha Long Bay because of friendly local people and their hospitability, but the things that make this place so charming is the majestic, magnificent natural sceneries that no other place can have, which is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. Thousands of large and small stone islands sprouting from the turquoise waters, creating a giant aqua painting.

Ha Long Bay Lan Ha Legend Cruise

Tourists enjoying kayaking in Ha Long Bay

Because of its charming beauty, a lot of Ha Long Bay tours have been designed and attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Among numerous interesting ways to explore the bay, traveling by cruises seems to be the best one. And superior Lan Ha Legend cruise is one of the greatest choices if you are looking for a cruise tour.

Joining the Ha Long Bay Lan Ha Legend cruise, you will witness the most specific, most beautiful, the greatest sceneries. You will be drowned in the wild nature, completely escape from tiring daily life and have the best time of your life.

What is so special on Ha Long Lan Ha Legend cruise?

Customers arriving on the Lan Ha Legend cruise are not only taken to the splendid wonder of Ha Long Bay, but also get the opportunity to enjoy the most comfortable and relaxing services on the cruise.

The cruise staffs are ready to serve you wine and fresh fruit if you want something to munch on while taking in the beauty of the ocean. On the sundeck, there are chairs to sit and relax under the blue sky, with the staff ready to help you anytime you need. On the cruise, you can also sing karaoke, join the fishing excursion or play exciting games with your loved ones, so the cruise is perfect for family bonding or a friend trip.

Ha Long Bay Lan Ha Legend Cruise

Tourists enjoying the breathtaking beach of Ha Long Bay

For some travelers, the quality of the cruise is the most important. If you are wondering about that, then don’t worry, because superior Lan Ha Legend cruise provides the most luxury cabins.  The number of cabins on this cruise is 9 in the total, including Deluxe Sea View, Deluxe Ocean View and the Deluxe Family Room. Each of them has different and unique characters, so you can choose the best and most suitable one for your vacation.

The cruise also consists of other activities, so your vacation will never get bored. On the cruise, you can join a cooking class, where a Vietnamese chef will instruct you to make one of the most specific Vietnamese traditional dishes. This is a chance for you to discover more about Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

Ha Long Bay Lan Ha Legend Cruise

The luxury Deluxe Family Room

And if you want to enjoy the cool sea water, kayaking is a perfect choice. Besides that, all of your meals are served in a luxury restaurant, and during the evenings you can enjoy some wine in the bar with your loved ones.

About the itinerary, you can choose either the 2-day-1-night one or the 3-day-2-night one, both of them will take you to the most splendid and outstanding places in Ha Long Bay, such as the amazing islands and islets like Finger islet, Frog islet, Teapot islets, Dark & Bright cave...; or the original village in Cat Ba national park named Viet Hai Village, the breathtaking Three peach beach... and many more.

With such amazing luxuries, why don’t you join Ha long Bay Lan Ha Legend Cruise in a memorable vacation right away?

How to book Ha Long Lan Ha Legend Cruise?

Those are the basic information about the amazing Lan Ha Legend Cruise, for more detailed ones, please visit vietlandjourney.com and search the cruise. If you’re excited about the trip, don’t be hesitate to book a tour for yourself.

Ha Long Bay is one of the wonder of the world that you have to visit at least once in your life. Next time you come to Ha Long Bay, remember to consider choosing Lan Ha Legend cruise, your vacation will be perfect, and you will have the most beautiful memories. Lan Ha Legend cruise is ready to serve you!